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By Carrie-ann | Mar 19, 2020 | Uncategorized

Small Business Owners Remain Calm and Dignified

This is likely one of the most trying times you’ve ever had to face. As a small business owner who relies on cash flow, you’ll be feeling the need to panic now. I get it, I’ve been there. If you allow panic to set in you’ll make decisions that could impact your business & your livelihood for the future. No matter how bad things seem, you must maintain dignity. Your clients will be watching you and they will remember how you responded. If a client cancels don’t reply in a negative manner, they are facing huge pressures right now and if you want them back you’ll need to continue your relationship with them. This may include forgoing any cancellation policies you had in place, or even offering alternative services to help support them. These are exceptional times that we are all facing and we need to do all we can to preserve what we have. Doing this will enable us to continue as before (or better!) when this period of uncertainty is over. Try to be understanding and supportive, despite the impact it may have on your own business.

This doesn’t mean we must throw all morals and dignity out of the window. You’ll probably be feeling like you need to take on ANY work right now. Be cautious in this approach, as it may set a precedent for future business that you may not want to continue… and you may find yourself burning out with too many irons in the fire.

Today I saw a post on Facebook from a business suddenly selling loo rolls (they didn’t before), for a stupidly inflated price. Customers are responding with anger stating, ‘shame on you, we will not shop here again’. Good business is being able to see a need and a demand and meeting it – but good business values recognises the difference between an opportunity and taking advantage of a situation.

This shall pass. Let’s remain dignified in the process, so we can all recover quickly, with our heads held high, when the time comes.