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By Carrie-ann | Jun 14, 2017 | Twitter

3 tips to finding prospects with twitter

Use Twitter to Generate Leads and Find New Customers

Use the Advanced Search Function
This lets you seek out relevant keywords and target leads. Find comments that apply to you and your business and you can join a conversation, grab the lead and, hopefully, convert it into a profitable sale.
EXAMPLE: If you’re a photographer in London, you can search for ‘London photographer’ and link up with people who have put a call out for these skills in that area.

How to Use Advanced Search
Go to the Twitter Advanced Search feature and choose from the options available. These include opting to find tweets containing All of These Words in any order or This Exact Phrase.
You can also refine your search by location, accounts and even the ‘mood’ of a tweet. If you have a local coffee shop, for example, you might want to find tweets from people in your area who have mentioned big brand coffee shops in a negative way.
Once you have found the tweets, it’s time to interact by replying directly rather than just retweeting or liking. For example, if you run that coffee shop, reply with a money-off voucher for new customers.
IMPORTANT: You need to search for relevant tweets regularly. This can be time-consuming, but you can create an If This Then That (IFTTT) applet to allow you to automate searches.

To do this:
Create your IFTTT account, go to the My Applets option, found on top of the page, and click New Applet.
Click +this, which will set up the action to trigger the automation.
Opt for Twitter as the service and New Tweet From Search as the trigger.
Put your search words into the Search For box and then Create Trigger.
Click +that to get results for your trigger.
Go to the next page and click Create Action and choose when you want to get notifications.
Click Finish.
Repeat for all your keywords.

Make Use of Twitter Ads
Use the ads and drive traffic to landing pages where you are giving away something relevant to potential customers in return for an email address.

How to Set Up a Basic Twitter Ad Campaign
Set up an account and choose Create Campaign.
Click Website Visits or Website Clicks or Conversions in the sidebar on the left.
Click the new Create Campaign tab.
Name your campaign and decide where your ad will be shown.
Choose your audience, targeting options and where specifically you want your ad to be seen.
Choose your budget.
Create your ad with a link to your competition and then Publish Tweet and Launch.
IMPORTANT: Make sure you have a remarketing pixel featured on your website so that you can provide follow-up ads.

Use Live Video as a Warm-up
Go live with Twitter’s Periscope and allow your audience members to chat to you.
Use the live-streaming app to demonstrate what you’re offering and the background to your service or product to help build a trusting relationship.

How to Go Live
Hit Compose a Tweet in the Twitter app and choose the Live icon.
Name your stream and click Go Live to start broadcasting.