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By Carrie-ann | Jun 13, 2017 | Instagram

Instagram success guide

Many businesses have an Instagram account that they use to promote their business. They post relevant images of their products, their sales and their deals, with each post receiving some level of customer engagement.
Sadly, this does not mean that their Instagram account is successful. Lots of businesses do not track the success of their Instagram accounts, which is a very bad idea. If you do not measure the success of your Instagram, you will not know which posts are working and which are not – and this even could drive paying customers away.
If you want to measure the success of your business’s Instagram, don’t worry. Here are five ways to measure your Instagram success:

Genuine engagement rate
You may post a picture on your business Instagram account and receive lots of comments; however, this does not necessarily indicate success. This is because comments can be automated to say things such as ‘great post!’ or ‘I love this video!’.
If you want to avoid fake engagement, create a post that asks customers for a response; for example, you could post a picture of two different products and the caption could ask which product is better. The comments will indicate how much engagement is real and how much is automated.

Audience growth
Lots of businesses use their exact number of followers to measure Instagram success when they should instead be measuring audience growth. One account may have tens of thousands of followers; however, if it only gains a couple of new followers per day, it is not particularly successful. On the other hand, a business with less than 1,000 followers may not seem successful but is more successful than the first account if it gains hundreds of followers a week!
Instead of tracking the exact number of followers on your Instagram account, track audience growth to see how popular your account really is. If you are losing fans, this could mean that your content is unappealing and you should consider altering the content you post.

Effectiveness of hashtags
Hashtags are an effective way to market your business on Instagram, but you should only use the most relevant tags. You can download free apps that will show you which of your hashtags were the most effective and which were the least effective. Use this information to make sure that you only use the most effective hashtags in the future.

Posting time success
You may have noticed that your Instagram account is much more popular at certain times of the day. You can use apps such as Onlypult to find out how your posts perform depending on the time they are posted, which will make it easier for you to only post during peak times in the future. You will also know which times to avoid.