By Carrie-ann | Nov 10, 2022 | Social Spotlight Series, Marketing

Looking after clients right from the start

When asked for case studies it makes me itch, despite achieving fantastic growth for our clients since 2008, talking about their success doesn’t fit right with my values.

We are paid to do a good job, why shout about it? Taking advice from my team we have found a happy medium. Anonymous spotlights. I am comfy with this.


Client S (let’s call him secret squirrel) approached us at the very start of their platform launch.

S ran a successful fintech company and wanted to bring to market an affordable tool that anyone could access. Jane who was booking her wedding venue could use the platform to check the risk factors of the venue before she parted with her savings.  Bob a keen entrepreneur could research his competitors financial status and get his hands on fast, accurate data. This platform is highly affordable and slick to use.

Our Role

  • Market research – competitors, persona profiling, test market plan
  • 3 month test, measure and scale strategy
  • KPI audit


Marketing Audit

S took our day audit which was carried out over the day and presented to him via a power point and presented on a zoom meeting.

The audit presented 4 audience personas, their pain points, wishes and hangouts (where they spend their time online). We also explained the assets and content required to resonate with each persona.

Competitors were analysed at great length. Growth quadrants were examined and traffic sources explored to see where competitors placed their marketing efforts across SEO, PPC, Social Media and Referral traffic.

The audit educated our client as to what was needed to bring the platform to market.

Test Marketing

We advised a 3 month test measure and scale process. This allowed us to gather real data.

During the 3 months we provided:

  • Google ads
  • Facebook and Instagram posts
  • Facebook and Instagram ads
  • LinkedIn Posts
  • LinkedIn outreach
  • Email marketing via mail chimp

At the end of each month, we provided insights into cost per traffic and cost per acquisition. CPA on this occasion was a 1-unit sale.


By the third month we decided that in order to scale we would only focus on paid ads through Google and Microsoft. This decision was made due to customer intent factors. Customers search on Google and Bing were ready to purchase, those on social media liked the idea but conversion rate was lower and increase the cost per acquisition. At the early stages of marketing CPA is vital for cashflow.

Look what happened:

digital marketing

Roll a few years on and we are proud to have developed a firm friendship with S

A key turning point was when we reviewed the business model on behalf of the client and suggested they changed their pricing model from single unit to a block of 4. The client was very happy, and it immediately put the business in a health profitable status. Prior to this the CPA meant the business was not viable. Not only did we take care of this clients marketing, but we also helped transform the business model.

I grabbed a screenshot today 10th November 2022 to demonstrate how well Microsoft ads are performing. (See below).

We spend more budget here because there is less competition and user intent are higher. Those with basic laptops, computers do not change their default browser.

digital marketing