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By Carrie-ann | Mar 24, 2013 | Internet Marketing

Small Business Marketing

When you’re setting up in business there is so much to learn and do, it can be tempting to outsource from the get-go. You may believe you’re better focusing on what you are good at, and leaving the rest to ‘experts’. And so it tends to be with small business marketing.
From the very beginning you’ll be inundated with sales calls and emails.  It’s very hard to resist appealing offers from sales marketing folk!
Some of the approaches to handle your marketing – whether it’s leafleting or Facebook Marketing or Adwords – can be very tempting. Especially when you’re faced with special offers and cut price deals.  After all small businesses are always under pressure to conserve capital. But when it comes to internet marketing 99 out of 100 calls you receive will be too good to be true because they are. Cheap services can end up costing you money and damage your online presence. It can be hard to recover and will cost more in the long run.
A far better approach is to learn the basics yourself. Do that rather than go for a cheap internet marketing package. Remember these companies basically take advantage of you not knowing your onions. I always tell clients marketing tools such as Facebook can easily be run in-house – you just need to know what you are doing and how you can use them to promote your business.
So my mantra is. If you need hands on help with your business, get knowledge first. Then you will be in a better position to know exactly what you are doing. In the long run this approach will save you a packet.

How I help small businesses

To help you get going I offer a 1 day consultancy with no tie-ins, no upselling and no jargon. This discrete, standalone consultancy package is designed to give you the information you need to improve your site. You will find out what your site needs and how to do it. Put another way it answers the questions ‘Who are your customers?’ and ‘How do you acquire these customers?’  It will detail keywords, SEO, Adwords, Facebook , Twitter and so on – all the elements you need to make your internet marketing a success.  Best of all it won’t tie up any of your time – you don’t need to be available on the day and I will email you the results.
To book me to help you, email me to check my availability.  I will email you back. We can then have a chat – you can brief me on your business. On completion of your one day consultancy I am then able to email you my analysis, guidance and notes.