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By Carrie-ann | Jun 13, 2017 | Instagram

How To Track Your Instagram Success

When you post on social media, you must follow it up to see what is working for your business. By tracking data, you are able to identify which marketing strategies have worked for you and which ones need more improvement. Let’s look at how you can track your success on Instagram.

Track Your Conversions
If you’re not already using a spreadsheet to track your performance, you should start now. You could begin by tracking what type of leads you are getting and how to turn them into sales.
Cold leads – Post has been seen but not followed
Warm leads – A new follower
Hot leads – Customer communicates with you
By using this information, you can track your conversions – new followers divided by the number of people who saw your post, and so on. These percentages will let you know where you need to improve
Instagram Insights is also a handy tool to tell you how many new followers you have and what your reach is.

How to Use Instagram Insights
1. If you are using your personal profile, convert it to a business profile in order to access Insights.
2. In the top corner of your profile, click bar graph icon.
3. You will then be taken to your analytics page, where you can track your followers and reach, amongst other useful tools.

Follow Growth Rate
Use your spreadsheet to track your followers over time to see how quickly your business is growing. You can see where you are expanding and if any campaigns or engagements have affected your growth.
To calculate your follower growth rate: present followers for this month – followers from last month ÷ followers from last month x100.

Monitor Engagement in Comments
When someone likes your image, how do you know exactly what they like about it? Liking is a simple click, whereas commenting on a post shows real engagement.
You could use a free comment tracking tool such as Simply Measured to see any trends in customer comments. Follow them on Twitter, and they will provide you with statistics relating to your likes, comments and any changes in patterns. They will also show you the average number of comments per image and words that have been commented the most, giving you a valuable insight into what your customers want.

Click-Through Rate
Tracking traffic from your Instagram profile through to your website is another thing you should be checking. Use Instagram Insights to see how many times the link in your profile has been clicked, and then work out your click-through rate for each of the links you have shared.
To work out your click-through rate: number of people who clicked the link ÷ number of people who saw the post including your link x100.
For more detailed information consider looking at Google Analytics.
In Google analytics:
1. Click on to Acquisition
2. Go to Campaigns
3. Select All Campaigns
4. It will bring up a table showing your Instagram traffic

Monitor Your Hashtags
If you use hashtags (and you should be), use tools such as Hashtagify that allow you to compare hashtags. You can see how popular they are and how and when they are used effectively.