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By Carrie-ann | Jun 14, 2017 | Search Engine Optimisation, SEO

Understanding Search Engine Optimisation Tools.

Search engine optimisation can be difficult to understand, but thankfully you can invest in useful tools that will help you to understand more about optimising your site. These tools provide reviews, analytics and guidance to help you improve your website.

The best SEO tools
Here are two of the best search engine optimisation tools currently available to website owners:

Google Search Console
Google Search Console will give you statistics from search engines. These statistics will give you a unique insight into the top pages and keywords on your website, enabling you to streamline your website and increase traffic.

This SEO tool will also provide you with click-through rates and linking statistics so that you can measure how popular your website is with users and other websites. The tool has other added advantages, such as simple website configuration. This allows you to adjust site links and sitemaps with ease, ensuring your website is fully functional and user friendly.
Google Search Console comes with some unique key features, such as Geographic Target. This allows website owners to improve Google search results for geographic searches, which makes it easier for you to reach your target audience; meanwhile, URL Parameters helps Google to crawl your site more efficiently.

Website owners will also receive HTML Suggestions, which will help them to identify search engine-unfriendly HTML elements, such as problems with alt image tags, meta descriptions and title tags.

Bing Tools
Bing Tools is another excellent search engine optimisation tool. It includes key features such as Crawl Statistics, which allows you to review reports on your pages. This makes it easy for you to identify errors on the pages. There is also a site overview that provides you with a clear, easy to understand overview of your websites performance on Bing. You can also view a traffic summary, which will show you click-through data from Yahoo and Bing, and Webmaster Tools reports.

The future of search engine optimisation tools
Search engines are constantly changing and improving. Tools that are available today did not exist a few years ago, which means it is easier than ever for website owners to improve their websites so that they rank higher in search results.

This is good news for website owners who have limited SEO knowledge; however, search engine tools can only provide a limited amount of help to website owners. While search engines will continue to become more advanced, it is likely that they will still face limitations in the future.