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By Carrie-ann | Oct 09, 2016 | Linkedin

How to use videos on LinkedIn

As a business, you may frequently share video content on various social media platforms in order to help create brand awareness or engage with your customers. LinkedIn is not yet known for its high level of video content, which is why now is the perfect time to start using it to help build credibility for your company.

Why Should I Use it?
Not only can you use LinkedIn videos to showcase your products, you can use it to share your expertise in order to gain more attention. Videos can be added from several different video sharing platforms which makes it easy to upload your content. There are three main areas where adding a video can be a big advantage – your profile, publisher posts and your updates.

Adding Video to Your Profile
One of the best ways to use videos is by adding them to your experience section in your profile. This makes potential contacts well aware of what you can offer.

To add a video to your profile:
1. At the bottom of the text box, click ‘link to media’
2. Paste the link to your video
3. Click ‘add’
NOTE: It is worth mentioning that if you are trying to add a video directly from Facebook, it will not transfer the video across platforms. Instead, edit the title to include an invite to watch your video which will then take your viewers directly to it.

Video Content in Publisher Posts
Including a video along with your Publisher posts is a great way to encourage audience engagement. You should look into this type of post if you are wanting to increase your LinkedIn presence by sharing your knowledge and interests.

To add a video to Publisher posts
1. Start a new Publisher post
2. Click the square icon which has the + symbol attached to it and select video
3. Paste your link and press enter
NOTE: With Publisher posts, you need to include a minimum of 400 words. You could add a transcript of your video or if you post webinars or podcasts, you could post your notes instead.

Using Video in Your Updates
This is a great way to make sure your content stands out. It can make your potential connections notice you and pave the way for developing relationships.

How to add a video to your updates
1. Begin a new update
2. Paste your link into the box
3. Click ‘post’
NOTE: Not only is it a good idea to share your own content, you can also share other content that your audience may be interested it. Always remember to tag the original poster to ensure they are notified of your interest in them and to help build awareness of your name.

As with all video sharing platforms, ensuring that you have high quality content is imperative. You can try to edit it yourself using one of the many video editing software options out there, or you could employ someone to do it for you if you prefer.
Sharing video content on LinkedIn is still quite new, making it a major advantage for you. This means that your content will stand out amongst the others and will help increase visibility for you and your company.