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By Carrie-ann | Mar 05, 2017 | SEO

4 Things A Great SEO Specialist Does

A comprehensive understanding of SEO is just one ingredient that goes into making a great SEO consultant. The development of good habits and a desire to keep on top of what is happening within the industry as a whole are essential for long-term positive results.

Developments in the SEO industry

Google is constantly tweaking its algorithm and, as such, understanding how these alterations may affect SEO strategies is vital. In order to receive every piece of new information being communicated from the major search engines, keeping on top of industry developments is critical. This will ensure that positive results and the best possible rankings can be delivered for each client.


Keeping an eye on statistics is a vital – and sometimes addictive – habit. Any old SEO expert may approach a project with a specific strategy in mind, but failing to analyse the results could result in wasted time that would have been far better applied somewhere else. Analytics don’t lie and aren’t swayed by preconceived notions. If they aren’t reporting the numbers that were expected, it is important that your SEO expert is able to think on their feet and refine the strategy until it works – for you and for your business, not some theoretical organisation.

Putting strategies into practice

Planning is always an important stage of any project, but some SEOs seem to get caught up in planning every minute detail when getting started would be the best way forward. A SEO expert could spend days exploring a variety of different strategies on paper but if those ideas never make it past that stage, nothing is going to be achieved. Alterations can always be made, but making an efficient and considered start is essential. Time really is money.

Constantly learning

A truly great SEO consultant will constantly be looking at ways they can improve on their current skill set. From ensuring technical skills are up to date to exploring new ways in which they can effectively communicate their vision to clients, there are always areas in which to develop and grow. The drive to improve and deliver results that exceed expectations in an industry that is fast-paced and constantly evolving identifies a great SEO consultant from the rest of the pack.