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By Carrie-ann | May 01, 2017 | Running a business

5 powerful rules for a business person

The modern day business person is a force to be reckoned with, managing the challenges of running a business, a household, perhaps even being an involved mother/father, and all the while coping with all of the additional pressures of our modern day, tech-driven society. So how does a person manage to stay motivated and avoid the distractions of everyday life, to build and maintain a successful business?

Be proud of YOUR business
Remember that your business is YOUR business: you are the boss, you are the brains behind it and it is you who will be rewarded if it is successful. As such, be sure to take ownership and remind yourself that all of your time and money investments will be worth it in the end. Likewise, it’s important to pass this passion on to your employees and make them have faith in your company, and you, too.

Be your best advertisement
Perhaps it’s modesty, but many men and women are shy about promoting their own work. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with showing off your knowledge, products or services, and confidence and assertiveness can, in fact, be extremely influential. If you’re still apprehensive, then why not try speaking to your audience on a more personal level, to tell them about your company’s qualities, such as on a blog, or by using social media sites to your advantage.

IMPORTANT: Don’t try to hide behind your brand. Even if you don’t like taking centre stage, it could be that knowing the entrepreneur behind the business is what sells your products.

Step out of your comfort zone
No matter how easy it is to stick to your comfort zone, making your mark on your industry is worth both the effort and risk. Though you may be doing very well financially and already have a steady business going, you will never reach the next level unless you take the plunge.

Tip: If you are concerned about gambling with your business finances, try speaking to a financial advisor before making any rash decisions.

Dream big, act big
Big dreams are where most successful businesses are born, but it is not enough to just think – you need to do too! Meeting your own big expectations requires you to push your boundaries and to take sensible risks. Remember, no businessman or businesswoman has ever put their success down to just going with the flow.

Plan for all circumstances
You already know what it is you want to achieve, so you need to ensure that you make suitable plans to get where you want to be. By setting out lots of small milestones, you will have a greater sense of achievement each time you meet them, and therefore you’ll feel more confident along your professional journey.

Tip: It is equally important to plan for the worst case scenario, as it is for the best, as you’ll then be better prepared for all types of situations.