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By Carrie-ann | Jun 13, 2017 | Facebook

5 social media tools that will save you time

There are tools out there that can help you streamline your efforts when it comes to media marketing tasks and managing multiple profiles. We are not affiliated with any of these management tools, but we do see their potential if you want to consolidate and streamline your marketing efforts on social media.

What does it do? Allows you to connect to various social media accounts, as well as your email and Dropbox.
Why use it? It can simplify your business flow and allow you to post to multiple social media accounts quickly and easily.
What is its best feature? A simple interface allows you to import media from a variety of sources to create valuable content.
Is it budget-friendly? There is a choice of five different pricing plans with varying features, and one of these is free.

What does it do? Lets you connect pages, profiles and networks.
Why use it? The software is simple and easy to use and could improve efficiency.
What is its best feature? Rich reports about marketing reach can help you to improve your strategy, and there are plenty of customization options to dictate how and when you post.

IMPORTANT: Buffer allows you download a mobile app or add a browser extension, meaning that you can share online content wherever you are.
Is it budget-friendly? If you’re happy with just limited features, you can use Buffer for free and try it out before investing in a more comprehensive package.

What does it do? Helps to boost a marketing strategy and focus social media management.
Why use it? It boasts a variety of interesting features that can improve social media marketing results and efficiency.
What is its best feature? It makes it easy to keep abreast of influencers in your sector.
Is it budget-friendly? There is a free version, but this does have limitations.

What does it do? It makes it simple to add all social media channels and then choose which ones to post to.
Why use it? It offers quick and simple access to a range of features, including analytics and insights, team assignment management and all-network campaign management.
What is its best feature? It gives you character-limit details for each platform, and it is simple to attach photos, shorten links and schedule posts.
Is it budget-friendly? You will need to use a paid plan if you want to enjoy all the Hootsuite features.

Sprout Social
What does it do? This has a unique focus based on the idea that engagement and communication between customers and businesses should be more open and generally better.

IMPORTANT: Don’t be overwhelmed by the mass of instructions and tabs when you first start out.

Why use it? Get an insight into the trends and audience demographics on your account and details of impressions and interactions you have made recently.
What is its best feature? You can schedule content, type updates and decide which people to tag within the same window. It also has a unique feature in its Discovery tab which allows you to discover what keywords customers may be using and what’s trending.
Is it budget-friendly? There is a choice of pricing plans, and all can be tested for free first.