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Blog Writing Service

Blogs are needed for both your audience and search engines. I advise that every site has at least one new blog on their site a week.

Here’s the important bit.

Blogs need to be at least 500 words.

The content should not be duplicated or taken from anywhere else, no cheating here, the content must be your own and unique.

Mentioning your target keyword many times is not how you write blogs for SEO, Google is semantic and will look for meaning, questions and intent in the blog copy.

If you want the blog to be found on search engines, then you must research first what your audiences searches for.

Sounds like hard work. Don’t worry, we only charge £45 per blog start to finish (500 words).

No contracts just give us a weeks’ notice on what you need.

b;og writing service
Blog writing service

Blog Facts

  • All unique content no duplicates
  • Written for your audience and search engines
  • All research included
  • £45 per blog (500 words)
  • Unique content is loved by search engines. Fresh blogs will really help your SEO.
  • Having a blog section allows you to tell your brand story.
  • Blogs are a great way of creating interesting content to share on social media.
  • Drive long term results as you can use blogs to answer common questions.

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Making people happy is what makes me happy:

  • I have been in business for over 15 years. I am very loyal to all my clients and don't believe in shouting about my success when working with them, it doesn't sit right with my values. Below is a few comments from some kind clients. I will never ask for these so please be aware of this when asking for examples of my work. Have a good look round my site and come on a call with me. You'll soon have faith in my knowledge and ability to help you.

    A note from me - Carrie-ann Sudlow
  • Carrie-Ann is a force of nature. She is dedicated to her clients and always striving for the best possible results. She is knowledgeable with all the digital marketing matters, always updated with the latest tech/digital trends which allows her to stay on top of the competition. Carrie-Ann has an extreme attention to details which is unmatched and that reflect in the quality of the work she provides. Since working on our SEO with Carrie-Ann, our KPIs have been improving constantly on a monthly basis, with an astonishing ROI! Since I first connected with Carrie-Ann I felt I could trust her which for me is the most important thing before starting a working relationship. I will always recommend Carrie-Ann!

    Marco Lassandro - Marketing Communications Manager - Innovative Trials
  • Carrie Ann transformed the performance of our business by working tirelessly to massively reduce the cost per sale from £36 to less than £0.10. I’d recommend their services to anyone who is serious about increasing the leads or sales generated through their website.

    Chris Fogg - Founder - Everywalk
  • Carrie Ann equals success for me and my company. She is the reason behind my fast growth. Yes myself and drivers do the driving but the work Carrie Ann does with my marketing and on my website to enable me to get a volume of enquiries and bookings every day is remarkable.

    I have gone from a one vehicle chauffeur to a fleet of chauffeured vehicles in a very short space of time because of the effort and creativity Carrie Ann brings to my marketing. She is by far the reason I am one of Manchester and the North West’s leading chauffeur companies.

    Karl Munroe - Director - Get Chauffeured
  • We needed a specialist SEO consultant to promote our product on the web. Six months on, we are appearing highly across all search engines and on page 1 in a number of highly competitive key words for our sector. Our traffic has increased considerably. Carrie-ann has worked brilliantly for our business.

    David Thompson - Director - Dg Mutual
  • A very valuable service - Carrie-Ann has significantly improved our SEO rankings within a short period of time. We enjoy working with her and her team - we would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.

    Clare Dudley - Sales and marketing Director VOCOVO team communications.
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