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By Carrie-ann | Jun 14, 2017 | Facebook

How to create Facebook leads ads

If you run lead generation campaigns, you may already be familiar with lead ads on Facebook. If not, read on to find out how you can create these on Facebook and make it easier for users to sign up and receive offers from you.

Facebook has now made the lead generation process infinitely easier and it is now possible to ask prospective customers to provide any information you need without them having to navigate away from Facebook.

How does it work?
Users see the ad; if they are interested in what is on offer, they can click on a call to action button. This brings up a form with their information already completed, as previously supplied to Facebook. They then simply review the information to check it is still accurate, edit any mistakes, and click submit. The process take seconds and increases the conversion rate significantly, as there is little for the user to do beyond a couple of clicks. Facebook will customise your forms if you need additional information.

Lead ad creation
Important: you need Power Editor to create lead ads and edit them. This is a brilliant tool that can be used to build Facebook ads and then to manage them.
Download your account to Power Editor and click the top left-hand button to create a campaign. Choose a name for your Facebook ad and opt for the lead generation objective. Follow the instructions to create your ad and lead generation form, including selecting the information you wish to collect from your target audience, including customised questions.
Don’t forget a link taking users to your disclaimer and privacy policy and a link to your website so that consumers can click through to it once they have submitted the form.
Always remember to check for errors and typos before you upload using Power Editor. When everything is correct, click create and get started.

Lead download
You must currently download your leads manually. You will find these in the forms library in the publishing tools tab.
You can then upload the information to a tool for client management or forward it to your sales team, if you have one.

– Don’t forget to tell your customers why you need their information and what you intend to do with it.
– Give them specific instructions as to what they need to do, such as ‘Click here to confirm we have the correct information’. Being clear will increase conversion rates by making things as easy as     possible for users.
– Test when you get the highest response; for example, is daytime or night-time more successful?
– Make sure you have tested your call to action to ensure you have chosen the most effective one.

The lead generation tool on Facebook is an exciting addition to the platform. Currently in its early stages of use and development, it looks set to become an indispensable tool for business users.