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By Carrie-ann | Jun 13, 2017 | Instagram

How to create instagram leads ads

Use this guide to help you set up Instagram lead ads and start collecting potential customers’ valuable contact information today!

Decide on Your Lead Generation Objective
Start by clicking on the link to create an ad campaign and then choose lead generation as your marketing objective.

Define Your Audience
Go on to the ad set level and define your target audience. You can use what is known as a lookalike audience using your existing customer or lead data, and build this lookalike audience by uploading your list of customers and using this as your source audience.

Source Audience Checklist
Use your customer list rather than leads from former marketing efforts. The latter is likely to include people who haven’t actually used your business, whereas your customer list includes the people who have spent money and not just signalled interest. This offers much stronger data.
Your source audience should include at least 1,000 people to offer the best results. If you have a large customer base, use your higher-value customers as your source audience – this could include high-spend purchases, repeat buyers or premium subscribers. Exclude existing leads so you don’t waste money or impressions, and do not re-target the same users over and over again as this can lead to negative feedback and affect your performance.

Choose Your Ad Placement
Use the automatic placements choice to ensure your adverts are shown in places offering the greatest chance of success, such as Instagram and Facebook. Your ads will also be delivered on mobile and desktop.

Choose Your Bid
Set your bid and ensure that you choose the leads option to help you get the best-possible lead vs cost ratio.

Decide on Your Ad Format
The ad level offers you a range of creative options to choose from. A carousel ad may well be the best choice if you use it to highlight your service benefits or product features.
IMPORTANT: Use reviews and testimonials to demonstrate your attributes. You could also use a video but a slideshow may be easier and cheaper to create.

Create a Lead Form
Make your lead form and also have a context card. This appears after potential leads click on your ad but before they have to submit their information.

What is a Context Card?
This gives you the chance to convey your main selling points and convince prospective customers of the benefits they can expect after they submit their form. You can do this in either bullet point format or as paragraphs.

Points to Remember!
Quality is more important than quantity in your context card
Do not use too many questions in your lead form
Keep your questions clear and concise
Do not include unnecessary fields as users may not want to hand over too much personal information
Use custom questions sparingly
Where possible, use multiple-choice questions
Make the process as convenient as possible to achieve maximum conversions
Add a website link which users will see when they get to the final thank you page and a call to view your website

IMPORTANT: If you are collecting information from customers you should have an official written privacy policy. Ensure this is posted on your website and give users the link. This is necessary when you create your lead form.