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By Carrie-ann | Jun 07, 2017 | Pinterest

How to create & use Pinterest boards

Pinterest is fast becoming one of the biggest and best social media platforms to help a business grow. It can help increase website traffic, generate sales or encourage interaction with your brand. If you’ve already set up a Pinterest account, you may need a little help in getting started. That’s what we’re here for.

What is a board?
If you’ve had a look around Pinterest, you will no doubt have noticed the use of boards. A Pinterest board is almost like a little folder, where you can store content in related groupings. You can create multiple boards, which makes it easy to go back and forth between your products.

How to create a board
To do this, simply click the Create Board button located on your profile and then enter a board name. You can even add a description to help potential customers understand exactly what your pins are related to, on this particular board. You may want to add it to a category to help customers find it, or if you’re working on something that you’re not ready to release yet, you can make the board secret. A great feature is the Collaborators option, which allows you to add multiple people who can pin to the board, which is perfect for a group project. You can then select Create, which will allow you to start adding pins.

Adding pins
If you want to add images from your website, you just need to go onto your board and select Add A Pin. This allows you to add a pin from your computer or from a website. If you select Add a Pin From The Web, it will prompt you to enter a website URL,which it will then open. You simply select which image you want to pin, add a description if you wish, and then confirm the board you are adding it to. If you pin from the web, it will ensure that a link is created, which allows potential customers to click the image and be sent directly back to your website.

Another way to add pins to your board is by pinning existing Pinterest content. Not all images have to be your own, and you are free to pin content from other users’ boards, which is especially good if you are looking for advice or to share ideas. You are able to browse through the categories or type in a search word or phrase, to bring up the type of content you are looking for. Once you have found something you’d like to add to your board, hover over the image and a Pin It button will appear. Select that button, and you will be asked which of your boards you would like to save the content to. Simple!