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By Carrie-ann | Jan 08, 2017 | Building a Website

Creating effective landing pages for your campaigns

A landing page is the page on which your website visitors arrive after clicking on your ad. No matter how powerful your ad, your business will suffer if you don’t have a convincing landing page. Taking the time to create an effective landing page is worth its weight in gold.

Here are nine simple tips for creating a landing page everyone responds to:

1. Clear, uncluttered design
Your landing page is focussed on maximising your ‘conversions’. This term refers to your success in persuading visitors to take a desired action, such as filling out a form, buying your product or subscribing to your newsletter. Every element of your landing page must work in harmony; therefore, your choice of colour and design is crucial to the success of your landing page.
Did you know research reveals that a green or red button increases your conversions?
Make sure there is a sharp contrast between your background colour and the colour of your buttons. Test different options, trying various colours, placements and sizes, until you decide on the most effective combination for your landing page.

2. Less is more
Avoid the temptation to add extra details, no matter how aesthetically appealing they are. Items such as pop-ups distract your visitor.
A clever way to maximise your landing page is to consider the information contained in your visitors’ line of vision; naturally, you will place your most important facts here. You do not want this area to be cluttered with lots of text; instead, use the space below their eye line for details and descriptions.

3. Use your headings
Headings and subheadings highlight your offer and explain its value. They also focus your visitors’ attention – exactly what you want.
Remember that you have approximately eight seconds to convince visitors about your offer.

4. Trust me!
Testimonials, endorsements and ‘like’ counters are three examples of trust signals. Another method is trust badges, using the logos of companies you have worked with in the past. These are placed on landing pages to reassure visitors you are who you say you are.

5. Make it mobile
Did you know that almost 30 per cent of all internet activity comes from mobile phones?
If your site is mobile friendly, it is possible to double your conversions! Make sure your mobile landing page is fast-loading and clickable.

6. Conversion only
Are you tempted to use your landing page to collect data from visitors? Don’t. If you ask for too much information, you could see your conversion rate plunge by 50 per cent!

7. Direct your traffic
Consider where your visitors are arriving from – traffic comes from various online sources – and direct them to the most relevant landing page.

8. Language is your uniform
Marry the language used in your pay-per-click (PPC) ad with the copy used on your landing page. This simple step reassures visitors they are in the right place.

9. Testing, testing
Test your page and track your results. You need to know everything about what works – and doesn’t – on your landing page.
Distil your landing page down to a clear, confident objective and watch your conversion rate climb.