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By Carrie-ann | May 13, 2017 | How Marketing Works

How effective is your digital marketing?

One of the biggest challenges marketers face is measuring how effective their digital marketing is. While web analytics can provide some useful information about things such as web traffic and bounce rate, marketers actually need much more detail in order to better understand the journey of the customer and the impact any campaigns have upon this. This is where digital marketing analytics comes into play, as it can offer a much richer view of your marketing strategy, what is working and what isn’t.
There are three main differences between web analytics and digital marketing analytics.

1. A Full Picture
The first is the ability to have a comprehensive view of your marketing channels and the direct relationships between them. This integration across multiple channels provides extremely useful information which can then be fed into your marketing strategies. For example, it can tell you not only how many click throughs occurred from an email to your website, but also which ones created an actual lead. You can then compare this information with that from your social media campaigns, such as blog posts and Twitter content. Which was more effective and why?

2. Personalised Data
Digital marketing analytics creates data which is people centric, rather than simply a page view. This will give you as the marketer the ability to follow how individual leads are reacting to different marketing channels and initiatives over a period of time. For example, where did the lead come from first? Was it direct traffic, Facebook, Google, email or your blog etc. This information will enable you to devise marketing campaigns in the future which are even more tailored to your specific target audience.

3. Linking Activity With Sales
Lastly, by linking marketing analytics with your customer relationship management (CRM) platform, you can connect marketing activity with sales. For example, if your blog is good for generating leads, do these also convert readily to sales?
This closed loop information can tell you whether or not your individual campaigns are actually making your business money. When it comes to pushing sales, which channels should be prioritised and which are more useful as methods of customer engagement?

Your Business and the Impact of Digital Analytics
No matter how much information you gather using digital marketing analytics, in order for it to be of use you will need to do something with it. Digital Marketing Analytics can be extremely valuable in helping you to get the most out of the tools available to you and to maximise your marketing performance, both on a cross-channel, overall basis and channel by channel.
In addition, closed loop reporting can be used to prove the effectiveness of your marketing methods and enable you to implement made to measure strategies. Not only will this positively impact your sales team, who will be provided with leads of the highest quality, it will have a long term positive effect on the success of your company as a whole.