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By Carrie-ann | May 05, 2017 | Email marketing

Email Marketing Tips

Check out the tips below to ensure your emails are opened, read and clicked.

Eagerly Awaited Emails
1. Personalise. Even if you are sending your email to a list of a thousand subscribers, write as if you are emailing just one.
2. No time wasting! Every email must be helpful, relevant and valuable in some way.
3. Don’t sign off as a company, instead make your emails from an actual person.
4. Be honest. People need to know what to expect. If you plan to send five emails a day, let people know this before they subscribe.
5. Rewards. Ensuring people always get something out of reading your emails will motivate them to open and read them. This doesn’t need to be a monetary offering like money off coupons or special deals, a list of useful tips can work just as well.

Increase Open Rates
We all have inboxes full of boring emails, many of which we can’t be bothered to open. It is so easy for marketing emails to get lost among the hundreds we all receive each day. How can you make sure your emails stand out? It is all down to the subject line…
6. Promise good things. They will want to open the mail to find out more.
7. Incorporate power words. Attract attention with emotional and sensory words.
8. Use numbers or bizarre words. People can’t resist opening emails with interesting statistics or to find out what you mean.
9. Be clear and specific. This method is surprisingly more effective than clever ‘chat up’ lines.
10. Experiment and be different. Don’t be afraid to play around a little to work out what types of subject lines attract the most attention. Statistics will only take you so far.

Once opened, how do you keeps the readers attention?
11. Short and succinct. Long emails will put people off from the first word. Keep emails brief and to the point.
12. Keep it interesting and ask questions, just as you would emailing a friend.
13. Mix up your greetings and sign offs. This will give your emails a more personal, less robotic feel.
14. Use a natural voice and add personality. Show you are genuine and really care about the reader.
15. Use ‘you’ a lot. This not only personalises the experience for the reader, but can be incredibly persuasive.

Finally, once they have read your email, how can you convert readers to buyers?
16. Don’t push sales until you have established a relationship. Let them get to know you and what you have to offer first. Tell interesting stories and really engage.
17. Highlight the benefits. Clearly outline the benefits of your products or services. Present them as a way of helping your customer avoid a particular problem.
18. Have offer deadlines and clear calls to action. These will encourage customers to act more quickly and decisively.
19. Include the same link multiple times. Doing so will increase click rates.
20. Be prepared to make changes. Emails which are too formulaic are simply boring.
Doing all of the above could see you getting significantly better results from your email marketing. Good luck!