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By Carrie-ann | May 04, 2023 | Uncategorized, SEO

Great SEO Results for Cheshire Based Solicitors

When this client contacted us, they faced stagnant organic traffic to their website. They had been relying on traditional marketing methods and referrals, but wanted to tap into the potential of online marketing to improve their online presence and attract a wider audience. As with many clients that have been in a business a long time, they often overlook digital marketing.

The Cheshire-based solicitors approached us to help improve their organic traffic and online visibility. Our team conducted an initial audit of their website and identified several areas of improvement. We suggested a comprehensive SEO strategy that included technical SEO, content optimisation and local SEO.

To start with, our team optimised the website structure, making it more accessible to search engines and improving page speed. We also conducted a thorough keyword research and optimised their website content accordingly, making it more informative, relevant, and engaging. We also produced blog articles on topics that their audience would find informative, and published them on their website, thereby adding fresh content on a regular basis. We are always keen to write blogs in a semantic way so that search engines pick up the query-based content. This solicitor primarily focuses 0n commercial property matters so we used audience persona targeting to write blogs for this audience.

Next, we focused on local SEO, optimising their Google My Business listing and ensuring it had accurate information.  We optimised their site for mobile and went the extra mile to add schema markup that improved the site’s overall visibility on Google.

Our SEO efforts began to show results within weeks of implementation. To be fair there was a lot of low-hanging fruit.  The website’s organic traffic grew by more than 200% in the first month. By the end of the third month, their website visits had increased by more than 300%! This was reflected in a significant increase in the number of leads.

As a result of our efforts, the Cheshire-based solicitors have cemented their online presence and improved their visibility. We continue to provide ongoing SEO support, ensuring that the company’s website remains optimised for continued growth.

Below you can see at the time of writing this that the rankings are still climbing.

seo rankings
In conclusion, by working with us, this client was able to boost their online presence, increase their organic traffic and generate more leads. This is a testament to the power of an effective SEO strategy.