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By Carrie-ann | Jun 14, 2017 | Twitter

How to connect on Twitter

Successful social media marketing is all about creating a great customer experience, and Twitter is the best place for conversations that add value to that experience by keeping your customers engaged with relevant and timely content that leads to authentic interactions.
The key to connecting in a more meaningful way on Twitter is to use Direct Messages.

Use Support Indicators
Let followers know you provide support by turning on your support indicators. These let your prospective customers know they’re tweeting at the right account, and it manages their expectations of when to expect a response by clearly stating when you will respond.

How It Works
You’ll need to enable ‘Receive Direct Messages from anyone’ in your business settings, then check ‘Show that my account provides support’, which will enable the ‘Provides support’ message. Finally, add the hours when your customers can expect to receive a response. You’ve now enabled the call to action ‘message button’ on your profile.

Make Public Conversations Private
Transitioning your conversations from public to private via Direct Message is simple and straightforward when you create a deep link. This will turn a URL into a direct call to action that directs a customer seamlessly into composing a DM with your @username pre-selected and the public tweet visible to provide the correct context.

How It Works
Once you’ve enabled ‘receive direct messages from anyone’, simply copy the following link into your message:{your account’s numeric user ID}. You can find your user ID in ‘settings’ below your @username.

Create a Compelling Customer Experience
As you move into the DM conversation, you can greet your customer with a welcome message that guides the conversation by offering a set of choices or asking them to enter specific text. You can speed up interactions and guide them in a way that is most beneficial to you and your customers.

How It Works
When your customer enters the DM conversation, you can offer a choice of options that will help route the request to the appropriate agent. This speeds up request response times or can be used to automate an action like making an order.

Capture Customer Feedback
Once you’ve completed your interaction, you’ll want to know what the experience was like for your customer. Customer Feedback makes capturing your customer’s responses simple through a series of survey questions.

How It Works
You can capture Customer Feedback by using Twitter’s ecosystem of customer service solutions. These will enable you to ask customers one of two questions:
How would you rate your experience with us? (customer satisfaction question)
How likely are you to recommend us to a friend? (Net Promoter question)
Each solution has unique ways of helping you to determine when and how to ask for customer feedback and ways of analysing and displaying the results.