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By Carrie-ann | Jan 30, 2011 | How to get on the top of Google

Learn How to get to the top of Google

Get the facts without the theories!

You have probably ready all sorts of opinions about how to get to the top of Google.  Some will tell you that you have to put certain keywords in your title, others will tell you that you have to get lots of backlinks and others if you’re very unlucky will tell you they can do it all for you for £30 a month!  Before you snap up an offer to bring you success that could in fact ruin your online business let me clear up what it means to be at the top of search engines like Google.  If you like what i say then please feel free to read more of my blogs that get into the nitty gritty techniques of online marketing.

Getting Traffic from Google

If you have a website, your ultimate goal is to get targeted traffic, the type of traffic that converts into real customers.
One of the ways you can gain targeted traffic is by being at the top of Google when a searcher types in certain keyphrases that are associated with your website.  See my blog about why phrases are more important than keywords. It’s not that difficult to get to the top of Google but you have to be there for the right keywords!  I’ve known many people to be aiming for keywords that won’t convert into sales for them.  You have to rank for phrases that people actually search for otherwise your efforts are wasted! I strongly believe online marketing is made up mostly of psychology and the ability to tap into your target markets persona.
There are many companies protesting to be able to get you on the top of Google from as little as £30, only to leave clients disheartened when they don’t see the traffic to their site. The services such companies offer are not transparent about the realistic results.

Let me clear up the 3 ways you can get on the first page of Google.

  1. SEO (search engine optimisation) – This is the organic main listings on Google
  2. Sponsored ads – Sponsored results of Google, they are displayed at the top and right side
  3. Google Places – You can do this yourself through Google business center.

A wise website owner will do all three plus social media! Why? Because the name of the game in 2o14 for Internet marketing is to diversify traffic!  You can read more about diversofying traffic in my other articles.

Sponsored ads is a short term solution, downfall is you have to pay every time someone clicks on your advert. Upside is that you get on the first page of Google instantly. This type of online marketing is instantly measurable.
SEO is by far the sensible solution if you want long term success, but it does take time.  This is a sensible marketing method that requires consistency and patience! It can also be the most catastrophic if you don’t know what you’re doing or you outsource it to the wrong company.

Here is my article that explains what SEO factors improve your chances of being found by Google

What if you have a small budget and cannot do all 3?

Not a problem, contact me to let me know the kind of budget you are working with and I will tell you which one you are best starting with to get the maximum return. I will always be blatantly upfront with you.

My promise to you

Nobody can guarantee to get you to the top of Google or even on the first page of Google unless they are using pay per click so don’t be fooled.  Google will never give ANY person or company special treatment.

What I do guarantee is a dedicated, clean and risk free service that works and looks at increasing your online presence as a whole..
I am very flexible and I am fully skilled in all online marketing methods.  From when you first contact me I will always be very upfront about the results you will see.  Your success will always depend on your marketing budget; you get out what you put in.  My promise to you is that your budget however small or great…is in safe hands and will be used correctly.

Drop me a message for an informal chat and i will be straight with you about your goals

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