How to optimise your Facebook page
By Carrie-ann | Jun 28, 2022 | Facebook

How to optimise your Facebook Page

Facebook can be a powerful tool for your business. Creating and maintaining a Facebook page can help you to promote your business, deliver efficient customer support, and highlight exactly what makes your offering so valuable. However, it is imperative that all aspects of your Facebook presence have been properly set up and fully optimised to drive the right results.

Facebook has an array of features, all of which can be optimised which explains the continuing power of Facebook for business. If you’re here after entering “optimise Facebook page” into your preferred search engine hoping to find a selection of business Facebook page tips, then you’re in the right place!

Optimise Facebook page tip #1: Categorisation

At its core, Facebook is a free-to-use platform that you can use to boost your online visibility, increase your reach, and make important connections. However, it is vital to ensure the maintenance of a Facebook page does not come at the expense of your own website. Instead, think of Facebook as a sort of micro-site and use it to share complementary content to that on your own website and to give your audience something they can’t find elsewhere.

When creating your Facebook page, it is important to select the category option that best suits your business. There are a range of options to choose from, including company, brand or product, local business or place, and cause or community.

Optimise Facebook page tip #2: Accuracy

Maintaining your Facebook page will ensure it continues to provide valuable benefits for your brand. Accurately displaying your business hours, particularly if you have a physical location that customer may want to visit, is vital as it will set expectations for when your audience can expect to engage in real-time with your business.

It is worth noting that it is not currently possible to customise your business hours for special events and holidays. Instead, create separate posts that highlight this information as and when required, and pin them at the top of your page to enhance its visibility.

Optimise Facebook page tip #3: Personalisation

To really stand out online, personalising every element of your digital footprint is vital.

– Custom name

The first step to Facebook page personalisation is to create a memorable URL. Your brand name should feature in your custom username and if you are a location-based business, incorporating this can also be beneficial.

Custom user names must:

1. Be between five and 50 characters
2. Not contain any underscores or spaces
3. Use fullstops and capitalisation to improve readability

– Imagery

Another powerful way to personalise your Facebook page is through your choice of visual material. In addition to selecting an engaging profile picture, it is also possible to add a banner or video slideshow that will always be positioned at the top of your page. There are several strategies you could use to showcase here, including:

1. Promoting customer testimonials
2. Highlighting your team
3. Sharing newly released products or services

– Call to action

Beneath your main page feature, you can customise a call to action (CTA) that makes sense for your business. There are numerous CTA options to choose from, including “Sign Up” and “Call Now.”

Optimise Facebook page tip #4: Engagement

People naturally want to interact with businesses that are willing to respond and engage. Facebook provides plenty of opportunities for your business to engage with your audience, however you should invest in the development of a comment management strategy to maximise the value of this feature and ensure you aren’t over-committing time to this.

– Review management

It is possible to both enable and disable the Reviews section of your Facebook page. Consumers rely on customer reviews when making informed purchasing decisions, so it can be beneficial to enable this feature. However, if you receive a less-than-ideal review, it is important to respond accordingly in a pleasant manner and demonstrate that you are taking steps to address the issues concerned.

– Messenger

Another potentially valuable engagement tool comes in the form of Facebook Messenger. This feature will allow you to engage with your audience in real time, however it is essential to ensure that you and your team have the capacity to respond to inquiries and comments thoughtfully and efficiently to demonstrate that you have a first-class customer service strategy.

There are myriad business Facebook page tips out there and once you have mastered these basic elements, you can start exploring further to increase the business benefits of maintaining this popular social channel.