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By Carrie-ann | Sep 20, 2019 | Useful Tips, Web Design

How to Write Your About Us Page

Here’s the dilemma facing businesses. The About Us page is often the most visited page on the site. It’s the place searchers head for first to find out more about an unfamiliar business. They may also discern from this page alone whether they can trust you. All that said, I know it’s often the most neglected or simply the worst written and presented page on the site. The question is, how can you improve it while doing your business and brand justice?

Be Customer Orientated

Let’s start with what shouldn’t be on the About Us page: arrogant boasting. Rather it’s the perfect place to strike a chord with your audience. Think of the pain points your target audience has, ease their fears by letting them get to know you. Tell them your business story and make sure you include your brand values, what you stand for and how you make a difference. Use this opportunity to ease fears your audience may have.

Your Business’s Story

You don’t have to tell the world everything on this page, and its good practice to give an edited account of yourself (your business) focusing on human interest angles.

This sounds odd I know, but a great way to demonstrate the people behind the business is to tell a story. Your business may not have an interesting story about how it began but clever layout including the use of media can work wonders. For example, a business with premises can include photos of its different shops or business units, as it’s grown. And if your business started in your home’s garage or spare bedroom, don’t hide it. Celebrate it. People love success stories, even modest ones.

Remember also when you’re writing on the web you should write conversationally. Read out aloud what you have written. If it doesn’t sound natural, then re-word.

Using Media

As indicated above, using media can really lift an About Us page, whether its photos or video. Any media should be consistent with the brand. For example, if your business’s name is a person’s name (yours) you would be right to include a photo of yourself. If on the other hand you run a veterinary practice it would make sense to include photos and bios of the main members of your team.

Videos also work well, but of course in many instances a small business would not have time to produce one specifically for its About Us page.

Simplicity and Contact Details

Write with your audience in mind and therefore avoid technical jargon. Also keep the structure simple and use literal headings.
Include contact details. Customers do like to see a full address but if this isn’t possible provide prominent phone numbers and a form. Give people as many ways to contact you as possible .i.e. there should also be easy navigation to your Facebook page.

On Message, On Brand

It’s important to ask yourself the question whether the final draft properly reflects your business and brand. For example, people expect certain things of estate agents and other professionals (as examples).

You should be consistent for your sector while putting your own twist on message and appearance (branding).

It is best practice to run your draft page past some customers / clients for feedback.