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By Carrie-ann | Feb 01, 2017 | Linkedin

Increase Credibility By Using Videos on LinkedIn

If you use LinkedIn for your business and want to start using video as part of your marketing, read on.
There are a variety of ways using video on your LinkedIn profile can benefit your business. From showcasing what you have to offer, to building credibility and more, it is well worth the effort.

1. Increase Credibility
Video is the perfect way to give people a real sense of who you are and what you can offer. Use it in the Education, Experience and Summary sections of your profile. It is easy to do, simply paste the link to your video in the text box after clicking the “Link to media’ button.
Also, in your profile, consider adding videos like product demos, testimonials, media clips, speeches and interviews you have done. A company video may also be beneficial if you have one.
Top Tip: Ensure these videos are all of the highest quality, but also authentic. You want your audience to be able to relate to the content. For really professional videos, consider outsourcing your editing.

2. Adding Visual Interest to LinkedIn publisher
In order to better engage your audience, try adding visuals to your publisher posts. You can do this by pasting the link to your video in the post itself. People will become instantly more interested in what the post has to say.
In a similar way to those you choose to post on your profile pages, the videos you post here should showcase your experience and expertise and demonstrate your product and services.
Top Tip: Why not also share any relevant content from other people such as thought leaders, industry heads, clients and other interesting authors? Don’t forget to get their permission first, naturally.
To ensure you have included a minimum of 400 words in the post you can either write a new post to go alongside it, or just transcribe the video audio and add this content to the post. Don’t forget to include sales links and calls to action too.

3. Make Updates Visible
Video can work really well to make updates stand out better on your timeline. Video updates are more likely to be noticed, viewed and shared by your connections. Again, add videos to updates by pasting the link to your video directly into them.
In addition to your own content and videos, sharing other people’s content which you feel might interest your target audience will set you apart as a thought leader within your industry. Remember to always tag or mention the person whose content you are sharing, ensuring they are notified of the share and increasing their awareness of you and your business at the same time.

So now is the perfect time to begin sharing videos on your LinkedIn profile. As videos are not yet routinely included on the majority of LinkedIn profiles, this is a great way to increase your visibility and get noticed as a thought leader.