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By Carrie-ann | Apr 15, 2017 | Facebook

How To Make The Most Of Facebook Advertising

If you already use Facebook advertising, you must make sure that you are analysing the data to ensure you are reaching your target audience. There’s no point spending money if you’re not even sure your intended audience can see it. Here’s what you can do to make the most of Facebook advertising.

Custom audiences
One of the benefits of advertising through Facebook is the ability to generate custom audiences. You are able to narrow down users and then analyse the data to see what demographics these potential customers fall under.

How to create a custom audience
1. First, open your Facebook Ads Manager and go to ‘Audiences’
2. Click ‘Create Audience’
3. Select ‘Custom Audience’ from the drop down menu
From there, you will be able to select ways to create a custom audience, including through a customer file, website traffic, app activity and Facebook Engagement.

Customer File
If you want to create a custom audience based on your existing customers, you are able to paste your data, upload a CSV file or sync direct from MailChimp. The more information you provide the better as this will allow audiences to be created based on your customers and their matches on Facebook.
TIP: Some ecommerce and email marketing platforms will allow you to filter customers based on the amount of orders placed and how long they have been a customer with you, allowing you to create an audience based on their purchases.

Website traffic
If you choose this option you will be given several specifics, including anyone who has visited your website, those who haven’t visited in a certain amount of time, and time spent on your website. Choose whichever option matches your goal, i.e. product launches to regular customers or subscriptions to those who spend a lot of time on your website.
TIP: Use promotions to target anyone who has previously shown an interest to get them back on board.

Engagement on Facebook
You are able to narrow down interactions based on the content type and also by refining the audience engagement into several categories. From the drop-down box, you can choose from:
1. Anyone who has visited your page
2. People who interacted with any post
3. People who click a call-to-action button
4. People who messaged your page
5. People who saved your post or page
NOTE: This targeting method works well if you want to increase growth and engagement through Facebook, not necessarily on your web page.

Analyse with Insights
IMPORTANT: If you want to use Facebook Insights to analyse your data, you must have a custom audience of 1000 users or more.
Once your custom audiences are set up you can analyse them through Audience Insights. Here’s how:
1. Go to ‘Custom Audience’
2. Select your custom audience from the drop down options
3. You will then see a breakdown of users based on which audience you have chosen.
There are six categories of data to choose from; demographics, page likes, location, activity, household and purchase. Scroll through each option to analyse anything from user’s age brackets to their education level. It all helps you to plan out who to target on your next post.