By Carrie-ann | Oct 11, 2023 | Adwords/PCC, Case Studies

Managing a 5 Figure Monthly PPC Campaign


A National Pawnbroker was looking to optimise their very large Google Ads account, with over 15 campaigns, hundreds of Ads and a 5-figure monthly ad spend. 


The process began with priming the Account with Manual bidding strategies and a very methodical approach. It’s important to let the account learn what works best, and (almost as importantly) what does not. Taking a manual approach allowed us to eliminate the wasted ad spend and focus the free budget into what has worked well. 

Now that the account understood what converts well and in what scenarios, we then switched the campaign over to a new strategy that focused on these conversions, both in the macro strategy of the account and the bid strategy used.


The results were incredible, with the account being primed by our previous work, it played into Google’s “Maximise Conversions” strategy very well. Whilst the Cost-Per-Click increased by 50-80%, the conversions doubled too! The conversion rate had increased from 1.82% to 5.29%. This strategy was then tested for another 2 months and the changes held, cementing this as the new norm and not a temporary blip.

google ppc conversions