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By Carrie-ann | Oct 12, 2012 | SEO

New Google Update Improves Domain Diversity

Be in no doubt that Google has the power to make pages from your site vanish from search results. Or, if you’re one of the lucky ones you may have seen an increase in ranking this month for some of your pages.

Domain Diversity Algorithm Update

This month saw a Google algo update designed to improve domain diversity for a minority of queries.  It seems that for some queries multiple pages were returned from the same site, sometimes taking up most of the first page of results.
There are some signs that the algorithm update hasn’t corrected all instances of multiple entries, but why would it. The web is a big place. I think we can expect more updates to tweak this.
For some time now reports have suggested search results for many terms have been shrinking. Rather than including the usual 10 results on the first page, some search results only show 7. And these shorter results have sometimes been stuffed with pages from one site. You can see that looking at these 2 together, it could be much harder to rank. Conversely, if you’ve been a beneficiary of this anomaly, you could see your traffic drop once it’s corrected.
While some Google initiatives may be designed to encourage more sites to use Adwords, ultimately Google is concerned about the user’s experience. By improving the user experience more sites are likely to get a fair crack at the whip.  But your site is just as likely to move down as up the rankings.

Plan For Non Google Traffic

This update is just one example of how an update can influence your site’s traffic one way or another.  My clients know how I feel about sites that are too reliant on Google for traffic. If your site is one of these chances are your traffic has shifted up or down. Both are undesirable because you’ve done nothing to warrant an increase. Next time it could be the other way around.  There’s no time like today to review your internet marketing strategy with a view to generating plenty of non-Google traffic. If you’re unclear what this might involve email me to arrange a chat about how I can help.