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By Carrie-ann | Feb 12, 2017 | How Marketing Works

Popular marketing tactic channels

Over the last few years, the marketing landscape has changed dramatically. Traditional methods of raising brand awareness are no longer sufficient, and companies must work harder to take advantage of the many opportunities available to them through the internet. All businesses must establish a strong presence online and maintain this in order to reach out to their target audiences. There is a range of tools and tactics which can be used to do this. Some of these are outlined below.

Popular Channels
In order to begin the selection process, it is a good idea to become familiar with the different channels available.

1. Email
As a digital marketing channel, email is one of the most effective with a potential return on investment (ROI) of 4,300 per cent. Sending updates and information via email, such as newsletters and special offers, to current and potential clients should definitely come high up on the list of priorities.

 2. Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
Although using this method costs money, the potential ROI is huge. Advertising pay-per-click will ensure you connect with a high number of targeted consumers very quickly. The long-term success will, of course, depend upon exactly how much is invested in terms of placing ads and bidding. Effectiveness also depends very much upon choosing the right keywords in order to target the right audience, as well as optimisation of contextual and visual information.

3. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Search engines play a huge role. When attempting to gather information about a product or service, the majority of users (up to 93%) will start by using a search engine. Activities such as keyword research, organic link building, linkable asset creation and optimisation, on and off page, will all help with SEO.

4. Display Ads
Creating a greater brand awareness can be achieved by placing display ads on carefully selected third-party sites. Done correctly, highly targeted traffic can be generated, which in turn may be converted to sales.

5. Social Media
Digital marketers can use Social Media Marketing (SMM) to engage with potential customers. There are a number of different social networks which businesses can use, but some of the main players include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+. Having social media accounts has fast become another essential aspect of Digital Marketing, and without it businesses cannot hope to keep up with their competitors.

6. Content
Content itself is an integral element of any digital marketing campaign and will remain so regardless of other changes which occur within the marketing arena. To attract a range of consumer types it must be high-quality and relevant and include a variety of media, such as text, videos, graphics and other media.

7. Associate Marketing
For those looking to extend their audience on a global scale, associate or affiliate marketing is a good way to start. Rather than employing someone to work for the company from other locations, working with affiliate marketers on a pay-per-performance basis can prove be very effective.

8. Online PR
This is an aspect of content marketing which can be used effectively to generate positive brand awareness. There is a range of different PR networks available – some will require a joining fee or subscription, and some are free.