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By Carrie-ann | Jun 13, 2017 | Remarketing

How to re-market using Facebook

If you use social media at all, you’re probably on Facebook. It’s one of the most widely used and most commonly referred to sites, and it’s used by people of all ages and backgrounds to keep in touch with family, friends and colleagues.
You’re probably familiar with the concept of Facebook advertising already, but have you noticed that when you’ve been looking at a website somewhere else, your Facebook feed will suddenly present you with adverts related to that search?
This, in case you didn’t know by now, is an example of remarketing.

How does Facebook remarketing work?
As with all remarketing, Facebook remarketing works by allowing you to place a cookie on users’ devices when they visit your website, or a particular page or product on that website.
The Facebook site will then target those potential customers with adverts related to your site, so that when they are on Facebook, they will be reminded of the page or product they visited on your site.
This, essentially, allows you to have a second chance of selling your service or goods to those potential customers or clients. The ads act as reminders, which will, you hope, prompt those people who abandoned your site, for whatever reason, to return and further engage – and hopefully to buy.

Customer lists
Facebook allows you to create a range of extensive customer lists, so you can target specific groups of people with relevant, personalised adverts.
One of Facebook’s best features is that it lets you upload your own lists, be they phone numbers, email addresses or Facebook user IDs, so you can use more targeted adverts, depending on what you already know about the potential customer, their habits and location.

Website traffic
Facebook lets you send adverts to those people who have visited your website within a specific time.
All you have to do is place Facebook pixels on every page of your website, so that visitors can be tracked. Then you are able to set up different filters based on the pages visited, so each visitor gets a targeted advert depending on what they have been looking at on your site.

App activity
Facebook also allows you to target users of your app, should you have one.
This means you can send adverts to people who have reached a certain level on a game, or looked at a particular product, giving them an extra incentive to buy or engage further.