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By Carrie-ann | Jun 09, 2022 | Remarketing

Remarketing Tools to Re-Engage Those Visitors that Left

It can be disheartening to see visitors who should find value in what you have to offer leaving your site to search elsewhere for what they’re looking for.

But rather than wallowing or wondering about what could have been, why not take a proactive approach and develop a powerful remarketing strategy that will ultimately ensure it is you – not one of your competitors – who wins them over and secures that all-important conversion?

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is also sometimes referred to as retargeting and it is a term that refers to the process of serving advertisements to users who have previously visited a specific website or page who may or may not have completed a particular action.

You have almost certainly seen this type of strategy in action yourself. In fact, it probably hasn’t been long since you were last served an advertisement for a site you visited the previous day. This is a particularly common approach taken by ecommerce stores who serve advertisements featuring the specific products a potential customer may have added to their cart but haven’t yet checked out on.

Essentially, remarketing strategies give you an additional chance to secure a conversion, successfully up-sell, or even retain a previous customer.

What are Remarketing Tools?

There are plenty of powerful remarketing tools that can help you to develop a comprehensive remarketing strategy. Importantly, they all exploit data to determine how a user interacted with a site, the pages or items they were looking at, and whether or not they took a specific action. So, if you’re looking for top remarketing tips, here are just a few of the most powerful tools I recommend.

Google Ads

A must-have tool for every business advertising on Google, there are numerous ways Google technology can be used to effectively promote the benefits of your brand to people who have previously visited your website.

Simply adding the specific remarketing tag to your site will automatically channel every visitor into an audience group. You can then use this information to personalise your ads to individuals based on the actions they took when they were actively exploring your website.


Mailchimp leverages automation to deliver the most appropriate retargeting emails directly to a user’s inbox. This type of remarketing strategy is most beneficial when a user abandons their cart, as an email can be delivered to them containing reminders of the products they still haven’t checked out on.


The Facebook Custom Audiences tool helps to serve your advertisements to Facebook users who have previously interacted in some way with your business. Similar to Mailchimp, this strategy is one of the most effective ways to overcome cart abandonment.


The AdRoll advertising platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide specific strategies that will help you to optimise your return on investment (ROI) from your ad spend. The technology tracks user behaviour and creates bespoke advertisements for those users based on the product or query that first led them to your website. AdRoll advertisements can be used across hundreds of networks, including Facebook, Instagram and Google.

Although it can seem tricky to navigate at first, with my top remarketing tips and tricks, you could see business-boosting results in no time at all.