By Carrie-ann | Jun 13, 2017 | Remarketing

Retargeting Guide

Retargeting, or remarketing as it is sometimes known, is a powerful tool in any business’s advertising kit, but there’s more than one way to use retargeting. Here are just some of the more useful tactics to use:

Target Different Buyer Personas
Knowing who your customers are is an important step to success. Having information on your buyers’ demographics – such as where they are from, how old they are and their buying habits – will enable you to create more targeted adverts.
Top Tip: The most successful advertising campaigns will speak differently to people depending on their buyer personas. You will therefore need to collect this information even before starting your campaign.

Customise Your Facebook Lists
Facebook allows you to upload your own lists – email addresses, phone numbers, locations, etc – so you can use this information to target people you have already made contact with. This enables you to have much more personalised advertising, focusing on what you already know about your clients.

Use Your Sales Funnel
Don’t just send blanket adverts to everyone. People should be treated differently, depending on where they have got to in your sales funnel:
*Top of the funnel (TOFU): These are the people who have visited general pages on your website, but not got any further. Good retargeting for TOFUs would be offering them something similar to what they have already looked at.
*Middle of the funnel (MOFU): MOFUs have visited pages relating to a particular product, so retargeting strategies which will work best on them could drive them towards a relevant offer or something which increases your firm’s status in their eyes, such as case studies.
*Bottom of the funnel (BOFU): These are people who have reached the decision-making stage of your website, such as putting an item in a basket ready for purchase. They usually benefit most from reminding about the potential purchase, a special offer or a free demonstration of a service.

Retarget Existing Customers
This may seem like a waste of money, but reminding regular customers why they use your services or buy your products can reap rewards.
Remember: You should be aiming to engender brand loyalty at every turn.

Use Emails
Creating and maintaining email lists of customers must be high on every business’ priorities, and you can link your email lists to retargeting ads so that people who open your emails are automatically sent adverts on the internet. This is an especially effective way of increasing your sales and awareness.

Cross Channel Strategies
Providers such as AdRoll allow you to run adverts across different channels simultaneously, while changing the content for each site, so you can create different ads for social media such as Twitter and Facebook, adjusting the content according to the target and media being used.
Being able to use unique adverts on each platform means you can better target the users, so you will be spending your advertising budget more wisely.