By Carrie-ann | Mar 15, 2019 | Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, Uncategorized

Search Engine Optimisation – Anglia Decor

I have worked with Steve Massey from Anglia Decor off and on for many years. Steve is one of those clients that knows his stuff and just needs someone to brainstorm with now and then. He invests a lot of time in his own skills which allows him to remain in control at all times.

The Situation
Steve approached me in February 2019 after unsuccessfully hiring a company to look after his SEO. His site was flagging up multiple crawl errors and seeing a consistent decline in the rankings. This left Steve frustrated as he had worked hard over the years to maintain a steady flow of organic traffic.

The solution
My first task was to unravel what had happened to the site to cause too many crawl errors. I used Google search console and SEMrush to identify the most obvious before delving deep into an array of broken urls, poor redirects, unmatched domain prefixes and slow site speed.
After I had fixed the issues deemed urgent you could see that Google responded to the site better and the site started to climb the rankings again.

The outcome
We are only 1 month in, however, you can see from the screenshots below, real progress has been made and Steve and his site are back in the game with a healthy site, great rankings and getting organic leads again.