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By Carrie-ann | Nov 20, 2023 | Case Studies

SEO Case Study: All Natural Dog Products



All Natural Dog Products is an online retail site selling dog chews, treats and supplements that are 100% natural and free from rawhide and harmful chemicals. They believe every dog deserves the best and this is exactly what they strive to deliver.

Challenges Faced:

Prior to starting with SEO, the business struggled to generate new customers which was hampering growth and affecting sales. The homepage ranked high on Google however this was the only area of the website generating organic traffic.

Our Approach:

The strategy moving forward was clear – improve rankings for product and category pages specifically, and as a result improve online visibility in order to generate new customers.

For this to work it was important to first identify high value, relevant keywords that would not only generate traffic, but generate quality traffic with intent to purchase. This research provided invaluable data for the project as a whole and helped give direction on where to focus our efforts first.


With the research phase completed, it was time for implementation. The first step was to tidy up the meta tags across the whole site, ensuring that unique, enticing titles and descriptions were used for both products and categories. Targeting keywords is one thing but creating thoughtful descriptions aimed at encouraging high click-through rates can make all the difference.

Once the meta tags were in order and the site health improved to excellent, it was time to begin optimising and adding informative, helpful content to the site. With the help of the clients expert knowledge we added informational content aimed at improving search rankings. The secondary purpose of doing this was to improve user experience, encourage sales and improve conversion rates.

More recently I have worked closely with the client to put together and optimise a Christmas range of products that will generate another avenue of organic traffic over the festive period.


The results speak for themselves. All Natural Dog Products now regularly rank at the top of Google, beating the likes of Amazon to the top spot!

The metrics below highlight the biggest wins:

  • Online Visibility improved by 19%
  • Total Sales improved by 19%
  • Conversion Rate improved by 16%
  • Average Order Value improved by 10%
  • Customer Retention improved by 3%

Client Testimonial:

“Absolutely thrilled with the SEO services I’ve received for my online business over the past six months, I’m writing to share my experience. Initially, my business faced challenges in reaching new customers, leading to slow growth. However, since starting with this SEO package, I’ve noticed a remarkable change.

The team, particularly Jake, has been incredibly supportive, always ready to address any questions or concerns promptly and effectively. It’s been a genuine comfort knowing my business’s SEO needs are handled with such care and professionalism, allowing me to focus on other aspects of my business with peace of mind.

The results speak for themselves. There’s been a noticeable influx of new customers, driving significant growth in my business. I wholeheartedly recommend these services to my family, friends, and any business owner seeking to improve their online presence and growth.

A huge thanks to the team for their exceptional work!”


Whilst organic traffic has remained steady throughout the project, it is clear search rankings are not effective if the audience targeting and on-site user experience is not optimal.

Through improving product rankings, correct targeting and the addition of informative content we have been able to transform the growth of All Natural Dog Products and reach a large number of new customers!