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By Carrie-ann | Feb 12, 2024 | Case Studies

SEO Win For Skylark Galleries


  • Client Name: Skylark Galleries
  • Industry: Art Gallery & Artist Collective
  • Location: London, UK


Skylark Galleries is an artist collective who work together to deliver a variety of original, affordable art both online and from their London art gallery on the South Bank.

skylark galleries

Challenges Faced:

With a large collection of art, artists and mediums it can be tough to know where to focus efforts in order to achieve organic growth. This paired with a higher average order value than most ecommerce sites it can become difficult to not only attract new customers but also to attract the correct customers.

Our Approach:

Our strategy from the beginning of 2023 was really to narrow down SEO efforts to what mattered most, rather than trying to target everything and ultimately diluting our efforts.

The team at Skylark were a big help during this phase and were able to provide their expert subject knowledge to assist in streamlining the SEO strategy; highlighting the importance of having a great relationship with clients.


After lots of discussions with the Skylark team, we decided it was best to target the art mediums rather than individual artists or art itself.

Niching down actually fostered a more holistic SEO approach and gave added visibility to the site as a whole rather than just a few individual parts.

The next step was then to perform the keyword research and competitor analysis in order to understand the best keywords to target for each of the mediums and also to learn if there were any gaps in the market we could fill!

Once the research was complete, we went about actioning our findings and optimising the medium pages.


As can be the case with SEO sometimes, we had to be patient and trust that our strategy was the right one. The hard work paid off though as Skylark Galleries now consistently rank at the top of Google and organic traffic more than doubled in January 2024 compared to January 2023!

The metrics below highlight the biggest wins over the course of the last 12 months:

  • Total Sales improved by 140%
  • Conversion Rate improved by 5%
  • Total Sessions improved by 19%
  • Organic Sessions improved by 65%
  • Total Orders improved by 20%
  • Average Order Value improved by 103%

Client Testimonial:

Carrie Ann Sudlow and her team have been working on delivering more organic traffic to Skylark Galleries’ website since April 2022, with the aim of both raising the profile of our artist-led gallery and increasing sales to the online gallery, a relatively new innovation that complements our long-established Southbank gallery

During that time we have seen steady increases in traffic to our website and online sales.

Added to this we have also seen an increase of visitors coming to our physical gallery in Gabriel’s Wharf who mention that they found us online.

Carrie-Ann’s team provides a monthly report and a video walk through in easy-to-understand language, which is much appreciated. The team members are very approachable, and are always happy to explain anything that we don’t understand.

Over time we have seen how valuable this support is to our business.

We are very happy to recommend Sudlow Marketing to others.


By narrowing the SEO strategy we were actually able to expand site visibility as a whole. In doing so, Skylark also attracted not only significantly more traffic, but also higher-quality traffic too!

The importance of client relationships cannot be understated either. Combining the Skylark team’s subject knowledge with our expert SEO knowledge proved invaluable.