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By Carrie-ann | Jun 14, 2017 | Twitter

How to set up your Twitter account effectively

First impressions count. Setting up a Twitter profile that showcases your business to the best effect is your goal, so let’s explore how you can optimise your presence on Twitter and showcase your best content.

The Basics: Twitter Profile Specifications
Your profile needs to meet certain basic Twitter specifications before you can start to optimise it. For the best up-to-date Twitter profile, follow the best practice guidelines:
*400×400 pixels: that’s the optimum size for your profile pic. Twitter will resize this to fit.
*1500×1500 pixels: that’s the optimum size for your header (the image behind your profile pic). On mobile this will be cropped to a 2:1 aspect ratio.
*GIF or PNG: these are the optimum file formats for line art and vector based images.
*JPG or PNG: the optimum file formats for a photo.
Once you’re satisfied with the basics, you can move on to create your killer profile.

How to Create a Killer Business Profile
There are five components to your profile, and you’ll need to know how each one of them works to create a profile that helps differentiate your business from the rest. Again, Twitter has some best practices for you to follow as you build your business profile.

Your @username
You have up to 15 characters to create a user name or Twitter handle that is uniquely relevant to your business and allows followers to find you more easily. In addition to your @username, your name will appear on top of your user name. This can be your actual name or can simply use your @username again, so followers know they’re communicating with your business, not you personally.

Your Profile Image
Unless your company is closely identified with you personally, you’ll want to use an image or logo that represents your brand. Like your @username and name, this will appear in all your tweets.

Your Bio
You have just 160 characters to differentiate your business from all the others on Twitter. This bio will appear in any search results for your company, so be accurate but use it to generate interest in your business.
Top Tip: Include useful information and a unique link to your website so you can track unique visitors from Twitter. Make it connected by using hashtags and @usernames of other companies you’re connected to.

The optimum bio will:
*Accurately reflect who you are and what you do
*Be optimistic and upbeat about your company
*Be targeted at like minded people
*Mention your accomplishments
*Capture the attention
*Use links, hashtags and @usernames

Your Header Image
Use this as a billboard to highlight new events and product launches. Make sure you update this image periodically to reflect what’s new in your business.

Your Pinned Tweet
This is a useful way to keep important information like product launches and events always visible. It’s easy to do – simply click the ‘more’ option on a tweet, then ‘pin to profile page’.

Stay Current, Stay Relevant
Make sure you review your Twitter profile on a regular basis as your following grows. Change profile images and headers as relevant and update your bio.

Remember: No one follows Twitter eggs, so create a great profile pic before you go live.