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By Carrie-ann | Jun 14, 2017 | Planning Your Marketing

Who is Your Perfect Customer?

Ok so we’ve been thinking about our marketing platform and getting our head around what needs to be in place before we begin. Don’t forget you can always ask us for help with anything you are not sure of, simply log in to Small Business Hug and submit a request.

The next stage of the planning process is to think about who you really want to target with your marketing. Who is most likely to buy your products and services?
When we have a grasp of this it makes marketing decisions much easier, for example

  1. We can establish the correct messaging
  2. We can identify where this particular persona congregates
  3. We can craft a highly relevant experience for our perfect customer

Our “Persona Building Template” is something you can use to help build a profile of your perfect customer before each marketing campaign.
A very simple template to help you establish your perfect customer for every campaign you run. When you know who you want to target it easier to find where they are and position your offering more effectively.

Download the attachment below