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By Carrie-ann | Jun 08, 2017 | Pinterest

Top Tips To Help Improve Your Pinterest Performance

Pinterest is a photo sharing social network with over 70 million users. It is a useful tool for expanding the reach of your business, promoting your brand and engaging your customers through the medium of pinned photos and videos. Pinterest is seen more as a catalogue of ideas rather than a social network such as Twitter or Facebook. In this guide, we look at ways of improving your Pinterest performance.
Good to know: unlike Facebook and Twitter, where you share and tweet content that is interesting to your business, on Pinterest you ‘pin’ pictures, website and videos to boards.

Promote your most popular boards
Pinterest followers will either follow your whole feed or follow individual boards on your profile. Some boards will have more followers than others, so positioning these boards to be the focal point of your page will increase traffic and engagement.

How to re-arrange pins:
– Click the ‘move pins’ button.
– Select which pins you want to move and click the ‘move’ button.
– Select which board you want to move the pin to and click ‘move’.

Promote user-generated content
A great way to engage customers and generate free content is to run a hashtag campaign. Ask users to take a picture of them using or wearing your product and get them to pin the photo with a creative hashtag; for example, if you run a shoe business, ask followers to take a photo of them wearing your shoes with the hashtag ‘funfeetfriday’. This will help to increase your engagement on Pinterest and hopefully sales of your product.
Top tip: all the photos that have been pinned with the hashtag will be available for you to see and use. Why not create a board and pin all the best photo as a way of crowdsourcing free content?

Apply for rich pins for your business website
Rich pins are a great Pinterest feature that adds greater detail to the pins themselves. This feature makes the pinning experience better for those pinning and for the creators of the content.

There are five options to choose when rich pinning:
– Place pins include a map, address and phone number.
– Recipe pins include ingredients, cooking times and serving information.
– Article pins name the author, give a story description, a headline and link.
– Movie pins include ratings, reviews and cast members.
– Product pins include real-time prices, information on where to buy, and availability of stock.

Write keyword-rich descriptions
Here are five key points to implement to improve the descriptions on your pins:
– Add accurate keywords.
– Give the reader an action to take, such as clicking a link to a website.
– Write in a positive manner.
– Only make your description a couple of sentences long.
– Include helpful details.

Use multiple images to promote your products
There are many popular posts on Pinterest that are a collection of photos in a mosaic. These are great for ‘how to’ guides for your products or services. Multiple images can be grouped together in one single image to be pinned.
Top tip: Canva is a great online design tool that will allow you to group photos together in a single image.