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By Carrie-ann | Jun 14, 2017 | Twitter

Twitter analytics guide

Twitter analytics are a powerful tool for measuring the impact of every tweet you send, allowing you to analyse the performance of every word and image, and understand the behaviour of your audience.

You can access information in 3 different ways:
*Account home tracks your high level statistics from month to month
*Your tweet activity dashboard gives you granular metrics for every single tweet
*Your audience insights dashboard gives you valuable insights into your followers

Account Home: How to Explore Your Monthly Insights
The monthly summary allows you to analyse the success of current and past campaigns, and set goals for new initiatives.

Activity and Interactions
Under this tab you can track the volume of your monthly tweets and the number of visits to your Twitter profile. Want to keep track of your follower numbers and the number of Twitter mentions you’ve received? You’ll find them here.

This is where you’ll identify influencers in your network through your top mentions – the tweet with the most impressions that users your @username – and your top follower (the person with the biggest following who follows you).

This is where you’ll discover how your content is performing through analysing your top tweet and total tweet impressions over the past 28 days. Analyse what content is performing best at the top level, before drilling down to the granular level in the tweet activity dashboard

Tweet Activity: Insights on Every Tweet
This is where you can drill down into the performance of every tweet, tracking the number of impressions and engagements, and the engagement rate (impressions divided by engagement).
This data is invaluable in finding the types of tweets that work best for you and your business, and the tweets that gain the greatest traction so you can produce more of this type of content. If you’re considering investing in promoted tweets then this is the data that will help you invest wisely.
Remember: Learning what content really resonates with your audience will help you understand how Twitter fits into your wider strategy and can help you plan a content calendar that keeps your customers engaged.

Audience Insights: How to Get to Know Your Twitter Followers
Understanding your followers interests and demographics is crucial in understanding customer behaviours and how to create a more engaging customer experience that is personalised to their lifestyles. You can even benchmark your audience against the average Twitter user and other tailored groups.
Why is this information important? Firstly because you can create targeted content that is relevant and useful and boosts engagement. But this data isn’t limited to the content you create for Twitter. You can use these analytics on a wider basis to inform the content you create for other social media platforms and to target your ad campaigns, ensuring you reach the right audience with the right message.