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By Carrie-ann | May 04, 2017 | Email marketing

Email Marketing Tweaks To Increase Revenue

Forget what you thought you knew about the email marketing strategies of old; instead, welcome to the snazzy new world in which email boosts your client base and bottom line.
Did you know that email drove 25 per cent of total Black Friday sales in 2015? In comparison, social media was responsible for just 1.6 per cent.
To enjoy these results, you must alter your current course of action. Rather than a total change of direction, make these five simple tweaks:

1. Make the ‘abandoned trolley’ syndrome work for you
Did you know that 68.81 per cent of customers abandon their trollies?
Who would have guessed that the humble email is behind recovering a portion of these lost sales? Radley London tested this theory and recouped 7.9 per cent of lost sales.
Create an email follow-up system targeted at trolley abandoners. Consider using an email marketing system such as MailChimp, Constant Contact or AWeber, which combine their clever processes with your checkout procedure to make following up a breeze.

2. Email cross-selling is the way forward
Did you know that Amazon’s cross-selling earned the company a whopping £30bn in 2015? That’s 35 per cent of its total income!
A common mistake is believing a company’s recommendation engine is responsible for attracting results. Industry leaders know email is the most effective weapon in the recommendation process; for example, sales from Amazon’s recommendation engine stand at approximately 60 per cent, with its email conversion rate significantly higher. Include email in your cross-selling strategies, particularly when suggesting and following up special offers.

3. Make it personal
We have all received generic emails promising interesting content, scanning them hopefully for a glimmer of something that might be relevant; however, these everyman emails are mostly a disappointment.
Did you know that segmenting your emails can transform your email conversion rate by 208 per cent?
If you take the time to divide your data by factors such as age, gender, buying behaviour and site activity, this simple act of isolating facts about your customers transforms the way in which customers perceive your business. A focussed email targeting different groups transforms the way in which customers interact with what you have to offer. Customers feel understood and connected to your business, and we all know that this sense of connection drives sales.

4. Timing is everything
Did you know that the most effective time to send emails is between 10-11am? Monday is the best weekday, Sunday is the best weekend day, and Tuesday has the best click-through rate.
This data is available for you to take advantage of when emailing your customers. Another important factor to consider is the time zone in which your customers gather; remember that they might not be in the same time zone as you. This simple tweak can work wonders when targeting your emails for optimum results.

5. Say it with us: automation
All these tweaks and more are handled and streamlined by automation. Many email service providers provide automated email options and a host of other effective tools that are well worth considering.
The extraordinary level of information available has shown the humble email to be a sleek secret marketing weapon that can transform your business.