Facebook Update
By Carrie-ann | Apr 08, 2021 | Uncategorized

What is the Facebook Lead Generation and Communication Update?

It’s official: Facebook is launching a range of brand-new tools designed to help businesses drive more Facebook leads. But that’s not all, as they also promise to help businesses to find additional ways to connect with more customers across more platforms.

The name of the game here really is more, more, more!

So, what do these new tools look like?

Firstly, this new selection of tools includes both free and paid options which means that decision-makers working within businesses of all sizes should be paying attention.

Let’s take a look at a couple in detail.

An Update to Click-to-Message Ads

Click-to-message adverts are designed to encourage users to connect with businesses they are interested via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Instagram direct message.

This update allows businesses to invite their ideal audience to connect with them via every platform they want to utilise to enhance the value of their Facebook marketing strategy. Although Facebook has stopped short of providing a specific list of every possible messaging platform, it’s safe to assume the options will be much wider in scope than the current trio.

Interestingly, Facebook has specified that each advert will default to the messaging service that is most likely to encourage a conversation. And I’m assuming this means that it has the capability to launch the messaging service that each customer uses most frequently.

Request a Quote

This new Messenger feature will allow potential customers to request a personalised quote based on their unique needs. Businesses will have the opportunity to select between four and five questions they want their audience to answer, which will be presented to potential customers as a concise and easy-to-use questionnaire.

WhatsApp and Instagram are now BFFs

Businesses can now add click-to-chat buttons to their Instagram page that will instantly launch a WhatsApp chat when clicked. Audiences want to be presented with a variety of options when engaging with brands. So, if you want to boost the quantity of Facebook leads your strategy is driving, now is the time to get on board with these newly integrated capabilities.

Sticking with Instagram for a Sec: Let’s Talk Lead Gen

The latest addition to what is already a comprehensive Facebook marketing offering includes tools that will support small businesses in their quest to locate and qualify new leads within Instagram itself.

And yes, this should absolutely be taken as a sign that Facebook wants businesses to see Instagram as a key social tool that can drive more leads in a cost-effective and straightforward way.

What Does the Future of Facebook Look Like?

Unsurprisingly, Facebook also has a selection of tools that are currently being put through their paces in the testing phase. Don’t expect these to be impacting your Facebook leads anytime in the immediate future, but it’s always worth keeping up to date on what the future holds.

– Facebook File Manager

The ability to create, edit, organise, and post content from a single in-platform tool is an exciting prospect.

– Facebook Emails

Businesses could soon have the ability to organise and respond to emails via the Inbox app. Plus, Facebook Business Suite looks likely to be equipped with tools to allow businesses to send remarketing emails to potential leads.

– Facebook Testing

Business Suite will offer a post testing feature, which will allow businesses to compare several versions of the same post to determine which one will drive more engagement.

So, there are lots of big things coming!