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By Carrie-ann | Nov 12, 2012 | SEO

Will Google kill SEO?

It’s easy to argue that SEO practioners – the ones that guarantee no 1 rankings – had it too good for too long. Google has now pulled the rug out from under their feet. And that’s a good thing.  But is Google trying to kill off SEO practices?

Google’s Casualties
Have you ever come across an industry sector that’s stayed the same? Well SEO is no different. If recent changes to the way Google ranks sites has done one good thing its forced one-dimensional SEO firms to close their doors. With so much volatility in the SERPS, it’s now impossible to engineer a No 1 placement. SERPS are effectively in a constant state of flux.  While it’s possible to predict the drivers of algorithm changes, the manner of their implementation is known only to Google.
Of course there have been other casualties of Google’s shake up. Many small businesses – perhaps you – now feel Google is out to get them. But the truth is that Google is trying to a) get rid of spam b) weed out those sites trying to game Google c) trying to reward quality sites that please visitors.

What’s Driving Google
Underlying all this it must be remembered Google is a business. Google is now synonymous with the internet to such an extent people forget it’s run for profit.   Google is evolving. And it’s evolving faster than before. It has to. Other big names have an eye on the search market – Amazon and Facebook included. Sadly you can’t rely on search engine optimsation by itself to generate lasting results. Online success today is more about utilising all the available marketing tools to get the lowest priced conversions.
Google has a duty to ensure that searchers get the best results. This doesn’t mean serving up the same results indefinitely. Some SEO’s got complacent and have been caught out. Rankings and conversions do not go hand in hand. Your visitors have to trust you. This means branding is more important than ever – how people feel about your business matters. But this doesn’t mean search is dead.  Quite the reverse.  But how visitors find you may change.

What’s Important Now
Perhaps some SEO practioners have been too persuasive for their own good. Too many small businesses set their sights on ranking for a few short keyword phrases. Rather the name of the game today is adapting to thrive, developing a presence in your industry both on and offline.  This doesn’t equate to a no 1 ranking on Google but rather developing a community around your business. SEO firms offering to place your business in 100 directories for £50 do not share this focus. Find Internet marketing people who have an interest in working long term with your business and who are able to guide you through the evolving nature of SEO.  That means they’ll take a holistic view of how to promote your business to get cost-effective conversions.