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By Carrie-ann | Feb 05, 2019 | Getting Your Business Ready

Business Values

If you want to convert more business you MUST incorporate your business values in everything you do. Without core values, your business is meaningless.

What Are Core Values and Why Should I Have Them?
Values are your super powers, those things that make you stand out from your competitors.

Creating strong values for your business is a vital step in creating the foundations for future growth. Without these firmly and correctly built into your business model, your values could become meaningless and stale. Businesses that identify their main values and stand by them no matter what are likely to be able to better retain their staff, have a better reputation and a higher chance of attracting new customers.

Step 1: Come Up with Your Core Values
Many companies fall at the first hurdle in documenting their core values. Instead of of focusing on a small number of key values, they entertain a long list of very nice but unrealistic ideas. The first step towards building success for your company is to come up with three to five principal core values upon which you want your business to operate. These should be inclusive, realistic and, most of all, inspiring for your team. As the leader of a company, you have the power, opportunity and privilege to motivate an entire workforce. Employees who feel more engaged with your work, who believe in the business and who agree with its core values, will ultimately be better performers and will also become great representatives of your brand.

Step 2: Structure Your Core Values
Now that you have come up with your core values, you need to consider how best to portray them internally and externally. Don’t become one of the companies that devalues their business ethos by not portraying it effectively: ensure that you structure your values in a way that installs confidence in those around you and confidence in your ability to deliver your promise and in your intentions to do so. Values which are incorrectly structured are not going to guide your employees or customers and will result in a missed opportunity to really involve your workforce in the company’s growth.

Step 3: Build Your Business Around Your Core Values
As you have by now gathered, it is all very well coming up with a set of on-point core values for your business, but you must implement them into your day-to-day business activity to truly live by them. Your core values should not merely be a list for management to praise – they should guide and motivate your workforce in their daily tasks and become a behaviour (not only in but outside of work too, since they are your best ambassadors). Also, don’t be shy with your core values. After all, they are the foundations of your business. If you are proud of your business ethos, then you should shout it from the rooftops, displaying the values that make your business unique on your website, in your mailings, in marketing and promotional materials and, of course, amongst your team.