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By Carrie-ann | Oct 28, 2012 | Internet Marketing

Does Your Facebook Page Perform Better Than Your Website?

Have you considered whether your Facebook page performs better than your website? Are you guilty of neglect? Let me explain. Social media like Twitter and Facebook were initially thought of as an add-on. In fact, many businesses are still playing catch up. But what if you’re in the opposite position?

Do Your Visitors Find Your Website Useful?
Recent work by Lab 42, a leading market research company, sheds light on the problem. 75% of those polled said they felt more connected to their favourite brand on Facebook and 50% think a company’s Facebook page is more useful than its website.  The research also shows more than 50% of those polled were motivated to like a brand because of the prospect of hearing about discounts, promotions, coupons and freebies.  In a word, they want to save money.  The research poses a number of questions. Are you saving all your most interactive content for your Facebook page, at the expense of your website? Is there another reason your website isn’t the go-to place it should be?

Encouraging Customers to Make Contact
Social media in all forms make it easy for customers to contact and interact with you. All it takes is a quick post or message.  Compare that with your website. Does it clearly encourage customers to get in touch? And for various purposes? Contact forms may be hidden away and may be too general. Be specific and prominent for the best response.

Put Your Website to Work
Ideally of course you should get Facebook Likes via your website. But if you’re neglecting it at the expense of Facebook it may be hard to achieve. You see Google wants to know your site is fresh, run by humans and that you are ‘real’. Today, fresh content is the name of the game.  This usually means blogging otherwise website content becomes unwieldy.  Updating your Facebook page may be easier.  But your website should be a destination in its own right. Making a commitment to produce regular content is essential for long term success and is an essential part of your overall internet marketing strategy.
In keeping with making your website the go- to place, you can keep your site updated with social interactions. This allows your readers to keep in contact and updated about your services or products.  No need to head to Facebook first.

And One More Thing….
With more people accessing websites from their mobiles it might be that your website isn’t mobile friendly – Facebook and its apps are. If your site is not HTML5 compliant you may be getting left behind. It won’t be long before more people are accessing the web via their mobile than a laptop or PC. Being mobile- friendly encourages people to stay on your site and interact.