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By Carrie-ann | Aug 22, 2013 | Social Media

Facebook Polls Removed

Not all change in internet marketing is welcome. And you don’t always get any notice change is a foot. Sometimes it really is a case of here today, gone tomorrow.
Recently Facebook unilaterally withdrew its question feature on Pages. The Question feature gave page owners poll functionality.  This function was probably one of the most commonly used by page owners. Who wouldn’t want a simple, easy to use feature that enabled page owners to quickly engage with their audience
The untimely demise of Facebook Polls is causing quite a stir. What concerns Facebook Page owners is that the feature was quietly withdrawn without any formal announcement. On 9th July the feature was there, on 10th July it wasn’t!
Facebook, like Google, is a key element of internet marketing. They may feel they don’t have to engage their users on new changes. But when one of these platforms effectively does what it pleases, it should send a warning signal to anyone who is managing a Facebook page.
Both platforms seem to be keen to find more ways to get our advertising pounds. People think that’s certainly what’s behind the change in the Facebook dashboard. Event/Milestone has now become Offer/Event.
As you may expect with a popular function there is a campaign to bring the feature back. But will Facebook listen? Probably not.  They don’t need to. It doesn’t make these platforms any more likeable, but we do have to live with it. Anyone working in internet marketing must have an understanding of the financial pressures facing the likes Facebook. There will, I am sure be further changes that won’t be announced.
In a way companies like Facebook and Google make my job easier and harder at the same time. As an internet marketing consultant a big part of my role is constantly re-training and keeping up to date with all the changes impacting small business marketing. Unless you do this full-time, and let’s face it small business owners are very short of time, it can make sense to have input from someone like me.
One of the philosophies I try to share with clients is not to put all their internet marketing eggs in one basket.  When Facebook and Google are apt to do what they please, it’s easy to appreciate why. Staying up to speed with the latest and likely developments is really important.  I can help you stay ahead of the pack.