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By Carrie-ann | Jul 14, 2011 | Do It Yourself, Google +, SEO, Social Media, Useful Tips

Google +1

With the new launch of Google +1, this page is subject to change.  The new social tool launched by Google is still in it’s testing period.

What is Google +1?

The reports are, Google have been trying to compete with Facebook and Twitter for sometime now, the new google +1 button feature is a big step in helping the mighty G achieving that goal.
You may have noticed the buttons appearing on some websites, particularly next to bog posts (just like this one you’re reading 🙂 ).  By clicking on one of these buttons you are basically sending out a signal to other google users stating that you like what you read!  Those familiar with facebook and digg will notice the similarity in ‘like’ feature.
Who can see the +1 buttons?
Only Google logged in users can see the buttons appear next to websites on the search results.
Will it be a popular feature?
Early indications imply that its going to be but previously released apps and social media extensions launched by Google have been brought in and at the same time vanished without any recognition so everyone is watching this space to see how it develops.
Should I implement the button on my site?
I would recommend you do add it to your site, i cant do any harm. Its far too early to predict how Google are going to roll this out but its enough so far to get webmasters adding it to  their sites.
How to get the Google +1 button on your site
Click here for instructions