LinkedIn Algorithm
By Carrie-ann | Jul 19, 2021 | Linkedin, Social Media

How Does the LinkedIn Algorithm Work in 2021?

LinkedIn is now one of the most significant social media platforms for professionals and business owners looking to expand their networks, showcase their potential, and identify collaborative opportunities that can contribute to growth.

Whenever a user signs into the platform, they are presented with trending content that has garnered a lot of attention and engagement, particularly amongst their own connections. In addition to sorting content by popularity, users can also choose to sort content by relevance to engage with content they are more likely to be interested in.

But how exactly does LinkedIn know what types of content we’re looking for? The answer, of course, is the algorithm. When you understand how to make the LinkedIn algorithm work for you and not against you, the potential to drive great results from the time and resources you are investing into content creation and networking really increases.

If this popular professional platform has piqued your interest and you are eager to explore the LinkedIn algorithm 2021 is the perfect time to get started. So, with that in mind, here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when investing in your LinkedIn presence.

LinkedIn Really Values Information

Whereas platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are built for image-based content, the LinkedIn algorithm will reward you for creating and sharing content that conveys information in an engaging way. Just remember: quality is key and adding value to the conversation is essential.

Learn How to Share Content at Precisely the Right Times

If you share content at a time when a large percentage of your network is online, you will secure more engagement which will help you to further increase your reach and increase your brand awareness.

Use Hashtags

Selecting the right hashtags will improve the discoverability of your content and help you to connect with a wider audience. Never use a hashtag just for the sake of including one, however, as you need to ensure that your content is relevant and will be visible to those who are already interested in what you are sharing.

Comment on Other Users’ Content

The single best way to engage with content other users have posted is to leave a comment. In addition to potentially contributing to or starting an important conversation, your profile will be more visible in other users’ feeds which could help you to grow your own network.

Create Hyper-Specific Video Content

Video content can perform very well on LinkedIn, provided that it follows a few simple guidelines. LinkedIn users are looking to engage with a very specific type of video content. Firstly, it shouldn’t be too long and secondly, it must offer value beyond just being entertaining. You want to appeal to an audience of busy professionals who are working around the world, so be sure to also include subtitles for maximum accessibility.

If you have been biding your time in terms of understanding the LinkedIn algorithm 2021 is definitely the year that investing in this powerful professional platform is most likely to deliver results and a good return on the time you invest.