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By Carrie-ann | Aug 27, 2015 | Do It Yourself, Internet Marketing, Useful Tips

How To Boost Your Sales with Remarketing

Do prospects price check your business’s products or services?  Do they browse without buying? Are you frustrated your advertising doesn’t generate the sales you’d hoped?
Your analytics and advertising campaigns’ statistics (I am thinking of Adwords and Facebook) are able to tell you whether your prospects are leaving your sales funnel before buying.
Remarketing (or retargeting as it’s sometimes known) allows you to advertise to people who have recently visited your site.
You have no doubt been exposed to remarketing without knowing.  Have you browsed a site only to find their Display ad on your next visit to Amazon?  This is the power of remarketing and in Google’s case is the smart way to use the Display network.
It’s a very powerful tool in the right hands.  Imagine someone who visits your website yet abandons their purchase after putting one or more products in their shopping cart. Frustrating, isn’t it?  These prospects have a specific commercial value.  They are familiar with your website and are interested in buying.  Wouldn’t it be useful if you could design adverts specifically for this group of prospects and then for prospects to find your ads when they browse sites(or Facebook)? This is exactly the idea behind Adwords and Facebook remarketing.
Remarketing using any platform relies on matching a group of online prospects with a specific advert (message).  In the example above these are individuals who have abandoned a shopping cart but it could be people who have already bought something or downloaded a brochure.  It really is very powerful.   While the principles are straightforward, execution is more complex simply because there are so many options.  Expertise comes in making decisions about which searchers to retarget with what message and taking advantage of the assistance available buried deep within each platform.
For example, in theory you could retarget everyonewith the same ad but it’s important to appreciate consumers don’t like to be stalked. Showing the same ad to all your website visitors wouldn’t be as effective as splitting visitors into lists according to their behaviour, then developing different ads accordingly.
Both Adwords and Facebook offer remarketing services / behavioural advertising. However to take advantage of behavioural advertising opportunities you need to dig deep into your data. In my experience business owners are too busy doing their day job.  It’s also true many in-house teams just aren’t up to speed with the detail.  This is where I can help. I can help your business get the most out of the prospects visiting your site: Those individuals most likely to buy.
I manage a range of dynamic remarketing campaigns for clients.  Dynamic campaigns are more effective than static and I often suggest image ads – simply because they convert better. There is a wide range of ways to make these campaigns more nuanced and effective.  This is true of both Facebook and Adwords. For example, Google has a referrer URL function few people use but I find essential.
I also want to give Facebook remarketing a special mention.  To get the most out of the Facebook product I recommend to clients we don’t filter visitors according to the standard Facebook protocol. After all, these are visitors who have already been to your site so why reduce the audience by demographics and the like?
You can probably tell, remarketing requires a sophisticated approach for all but the smallest sites. I help businesses of all sizes get the most out of their marketing budget. Contracts simply run from month to month with no tie-in.  I believe small and medium sized businesses can utilise remarketing to make their online advertising more effective.