Google ads case study
By Carrie-ann | Jul 18, 2023 | Adwords/PCC

How we helped a mortgage broker with Google ads


A Mortgage Broker got in contact with us, looking to start up a 0% Deposit Scheme. They wanted to use Google Ads to quickly drive traffic to their enquiry form.


When starting from a clean Google Ads Account, it’s important to identify the right Keywords and Ad Copy from the get-go. Alongside that focusing on your Key Performance Indicators – what makes your business stand out amongst the competition is key.
Hitting the ground running with the right keywords and compelling ad copy leads to high click-through-rates and ad relevance – both of which are critical to a good Quality Score.

During our keyword and competitor analysis, we noticed that due to the lack of competition, our Cost Per Click for Ads would be abnormally low, especially for finance, at £0.20 a click.


We received 53 enquiries in the first few days at a cost of £1.39 per lead. This was such an overwhelming response that the client requested we turn off the ads whilst they processed them. We worked together with them to refine their form, implementing break points to better qualify the enquiries.

We optimised the ad copy and bid strategy with the data from our initial launch, and the results were fantastic.
In 2 weeks we received 23 qualified enquiries, at £0.13 per click, for a total ad spend of just £142, meaning a cost per qualified enquiry of just £1.89.

Google ads mortgage broker