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By Carrie-ann | Oct 11, 2023 | Adwords/PCC, Case Studies

How we lowered the cost per lead for a flooring contractor


A Flooring contractor was looking for a new Google Ads specialist, as the previous specialist was struggling to get leads at a cheap enough rate. 


The account was already set up well from the previous manager, in both structure and the work already put in. THe issue was that the enquiries were coming in at too high of a price, and despite the best efforts of the previous manager, they could not get them cheap enough.

Over the two weeks since taking over the account, I took some time to really understand the workings of the account. This included analysing where the keywords traffic, conversion rates, and using Google Analytics to understand the audiences and where they were spending the most time.

I started making my initial optimisations, like turning off settings that we have proven to be less efficient. Then I put some work into pausing keywords or adjusting their bids where the CPA was the highest, helping to funnel the budget into the areas with lower CPA.


My work paid off and I saw results immediately – when comparing the first two weeks of managing the account to the previous two weeks, the account went from 3 conversions to 10, bringing the cost per conversion from £75.92 to £18.42. Since the average CPC of the account decreased by 17%, this 230% increase in conversions came at a total cost that was 19% less than before!

First 2 weeks compared to the previous 2 weeks

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