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By Carrie-ann | Jun 16, 2017 | Marketing

What journey do you want your customer to take?

When considering a new marketing campaign we always encourage people to consider a step by step customer journey that they would like the customer to embark on from the minute they lay their eyes on your ad or one of your posts.

It’s important to think about this journey each time as it has to be highly relevant to the decision making process of your target prospect. To add to that a great customer journey is your chance to build credibility and trust along the way and to maximise conversions.
The better thought out and executed your customer journey the more success you will have with your campaign.
Our “Customer Journey Planner” is something you can use to help map out your perfect customer journey before each marketing campaign.
The objective is to work through a series of questions and ensure every campaign offers your customer the best and most relevant experience.